marshall london phone - waste of money?

Introducing the Marshall London.

When it comes to this phone, don't rely on tech sites to help you make your decision.

On paper, the Marshall London might not impress most tech junkies.

An average person will most probably consider purchasing a cheaper Samsung or an Oppo first. 

But that's just the average person. Not me.


Being exposed to so many phones and tech products, there's one thing I learned: Specs are specs. At the end of the day, I honestly can't tell the slight speed difference between two similar gadgets. What looks like a huge difference on paper doesn't really equate to much once you're actually using it. What matters most is how you intend to use the product and the way it makes you feel when you're using it.

Does it excite you? Does it feel good in your hands? What do you use it for most of the time? Emails? Messaging? Social Media? Music?

Music you say?

I predominantly use mine for Spotify. I am on it all day everyday.

And that is why, the Marshall London is the perfect phone for me.


There's no denying, it's also the coolest.

marshall london phone 
I used to be an iPhone or bust kinda girl but the London is the first phone that's got me reconsidering my priorities and my spending habits.

I seriously want it.

Why? First of all it's a beauty. Not just to look at but also to hold.

Exterior is done in a beautiful matte finish using the same material as their amps and is finished off with a stamp of Marshall's iconic logo.

It's got TWO stereo jacks with individual volume controls so you can share your music with a friend OR dj by connecting one end to the sound system and the other to your headphones! (!!!!)


Did I mention that it also comes with a pair of your very own Marshall Mode (in-ear) headphones?


Not just that but it also has a built-in equalizer!

A must-have for all audiophiles.


So if you're in the market to buy a new phone or you just enjoy collecting really cool stuff, I suggest giving your nearest Beyond The Box a visit to check out the new London phone by Marshall.


Nice! I think this phone is best for a music-lover!(:
reigningstill said…
Wow! This one sounds cool. And I agree with you. That what matters is how you intend to use the product. Kasi kahit pinakamahal na phone ang gamit mo, hindi mo masusulit yun kung text lang pala kelangan mo. :)
Nathalie said…
Nice! This would be perfect for audiophiles indeed. ^_^
Janice Lim said…
This is nice! I'm going to show this to my hubby. He is a total audiophile so I'm sure he's gonna be interested. :)
Rose Angelie said…
Such a beauty! First time to hear about their phone. I'm sooo into music too so I intentional bought a phone that's great for music. ;)
animetric said…
How much yan? I wonder how the phone features are. XD
Maria Louisa Mae P. Mercado said…
This would be perfect my teen. He loves music and is part of glee club. If he could sleep with music playing in his ears he would!
sarah tirona said…
thats so awesome! he sings? does he play any instrument?
sarah tirona said…
mga 26k ata, im so tempted!! lol
tgf said…
A phone with a built-in equalizer. That's cool! This is actually the first time I heard of Marshall London phone brand. Is it expensive? -- Maria Teresa Figuerres