the void

There is a void in which I get lost.

A deep dark deplorable place.

I choose not to got there but my feet take me to it. Sometimes

And sometimes, it's hard to get out.

I crawl and climb against the slimy walls but all it does is push me further back down. 

There are times when I scream and panic.

My mind is something you cannot grasp.

It lives and evolves on its own totally separate from its host.

I run the happy marathon but it's still not enough.

So I throw water in its face, stand tall and tell it that I'm a fighter.

Yes, if you didn't know, I'm a fighter.

I have my weaknesses. Jelly legs and a jelly brain but deep down there's a warrior.

This warrior is an island. Able to survive on water and grass alone.

It is through him that I am able to reach out and grasp the ledge.

I pull myself out, look around, and then I jump back in.