I purposefully chose this goofy looking photo to top this post because I feel that out of all, this encapsulates the idea that I'm about to share with you guys the most...

Which is about never being too old and learning how to not give a fuck.

Aging sucks, yes, but it also one of life's inevitabilities.

But it's not all that bad (as I've come to learn). One of the BEST gifts that comes with maturity (in my case) is being able to no longer care.

And it's great. The sense of freedom that comes with it is incomparable.

fringe jacket street styl

Growing up, one of the phrases I heard the most from various titos and titas is that "they're too old."
Too old to wear this, too old to do that, too old to listen to this, too old to enjoy that, etc.

I used to think yea, I guess, but now that I'm around that age, I think it's a ridiculous restriction and I can't help but ask why.

Which brings us to my "NEVER TOO OLD" series.

I've always said that I wasn't the best role model for my age which i think makes me an expert on never being too old for anything. (haha)

So I thought I'd start a new series on my blog featuring different topics, experiences and yes, clothes, that some of you might think are already too old to try.

I'm doing this in the hopes of inspiring you guys to "seize the day", "bite the bullet", etc. So we all grow old together with no regrets and what ifs.

The time is now. We're never getting younger, just older. When you think of it that way. We're all young and ready to try anything our hearts dictate.

If people talk, who cares? It's our life and they can go fuck themselves sorry.

black fringe jacket street style
So for this first "Never Too Old" post, let's keep it simple and light as we ease our way into more challenging stuff.

For now, let's tackle bright sunglasses and fringe jackets.

fringe jacket fashion
I've always wanted to own a fringe jacket but growing up there wasn't much choice and opportunity to buy one.

Now that the 70s are back, they're pretty much everywhere.

I've accumulated 3 in a span of a month to make up for all the years I've lost without them. I think I'm done and super satisfied.

sanuk ballet flats ph
Fringe is not relegated solely for Coachella going teens. Anyone can wear it and if you're a certain age, you probably have even worn them before so why not wear them again now if you still love them? Just pair differently.

If kids wear them with tiny shorts/bralets or crop tops, give yours an age appropriate look by pairing it with understated pieces and making it the focus of your entire outfit instead.

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red zara sunglasses
And bright shades, I think they make anyone of any age look (and feel) younger instantly. They definitely help me not take myself too seriously. :)

So there, that's it. Hope you like this new series. If there's anything you'd like me to try (as long as it doesn't involve heights), let me know! :)

PS. have you joined my giveaways from Shakey's and PROMOD??? (ending soon!)


Uy takot ka din pala sa heights, apir! Ganda mo lang, girl!

Tina Elaine Ruste-Madrazo said…
young and carefree! love the get up!! :) very inspiring :)
sarah tirona said…
thank you! and thank you for being inspired <3
sarah tirona said…
i havent seen you in too long!!!
Nilyn EC Matugas said…
You rock that outfit (as always)! I like the shades, and yes, I don't like heights either! lol!
Lorly said…
Liking this never too old series. Readers like me can do the same with our never-too-old-clothing items.
Joy said…
Hi Sarah! I will definitely follow this new series! High five on this: Too old to wear this, too old to do that, too old to listen to this, too old to enjoy that, etc.
Gracie Maulion said…
♡♡♡ The fringe jacket momma..
And I do love your post ☺
Maan Laxa said…
You look lovely in any kind of outfit. You're surely never too old to try anything!
macdimayuga said…
You always look amazing :) this series is a wonderful idea
Kareen Liez said…
I agree that once you stopped caring too much, you'd feel more freedom. I hope husbands learn how to do that because he always deal with everything that other people will say about him. Lovely outfit by the way!
Anna Plaida said…
I love your bag :-) looking forward to your new series