ppsg x nat geo + win a trip for 4 to dc!

Speaking from experience.....

Traditional education can sometimes be boring, right? All work and no play makes jack a dull boy. No to mention probably socially inept and such.

What's the use of all that education when you can't put it to good use?

Progress Pre-school Gold and Nat Geo have teamed up to create a fun learning experience for your kids that travels across the country...and maybe even continents.

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m.i. expedition

To further promote the development of Multiple Intelligence in our kids, Progress Pre-school Gold and Nat Geo have created the "Kids M.I. Expedition".

m.i. kids expedition

The kick-off event was held at the Mind Museum where selected students and young multiple intelligence ambassadors were invited for an afternoon of structured play to stimulate their physical, mental and social capabilities.

multiple intelligence expedition

The kids were encouraged to interact with their peers, use their body to carry things and solve puzzles to create a playground.

This type of activity is not only fun and stimulating but it also helps them develop their Brain, Body and People smarts.

When kids are given the opportunity to showcase their skills, it makes them happy and gives them an over-all feeling of happiness and well-being.

multiple intelligence progress preschool gold

Don't you want the same for your child? :)

m.i. expedition 1

Yes? Well great news the M.I. Expedition isn't reserved solely for ManileƱos, kids from Davao and Cebu also have the chance to enjoy these activities on these dates and venues:

 August 16 – Ayala Center Cebu https://www.facebook.com/events/445427918970246/

 September 13 – Abreeza Mall (Davao) https://www.facebook.com/events/911390908968654/

Missed out on the Manila leg? Can't make it to those dates either? Then how about a chance to experience the wonder of it all in Washington D.C.????


Progress Pre-School Gold is giving a family of 4 the chance win an all-expenses paid trip for 4 to the National Geographic Museum in DC!!!

Just purchase specially marked cans of Progress Pre-School Gold to get a unique entry code!


Arge Roque-Valencia said…
I hope that there would be more events and opportunities like this that would allow kids to have fun while learning.
Maan Laxa said…
Love the promo! Excited for them to come to Davao, too bad my son is still too young, but I'm still excited!
Nilyn EC Matugas said…
My son's too young for this too. And I think I've already proven that I have no luck when it comes to raffles. :/
jennifer villanueva said…
kids these days talagang nakakamangha... i don't know if it's the education system, or the kids that has to keep up with the learning phase