k-palette essence in shadowliner + carefree parisian style makeup tutorial

K-Palette is back with a new product and it's pretty awesome.

It's called the "Essence in Shadowliner"


Essence in Shadowliner is a 2-in-1 eyeshadow and eyeliner. 

It's the perfect travel buddy because of it's sleek packaging just like the other K-Palette products. If you have the complete line-up, all you need to take along with you when you go on trips is a slim pencil case (or a pocket :P) for all your make-up essentials to nicely fit.

k palette shadowliner 
The liquid liner that comes with it is water, sweat and sebum free. Highly pigmented and extremely easy to use.

The eyeshadow tip contains amino acid coating which allows it to blend effortlessly onto the skin and provides moisture at the same time.

This new product comes in 4 shades that really flatter asian skin/brunettes/those with brown eyes: 2 darker ones for evening or more dramatic looks and 2 nudes that are perfect for a no make-up make-up look.

k-palette essence in shadowliner  black x brown
The brown black x camel brown is perfect for when you want to achieve a dark and elegant finish.

For days that call for a more feminine look, the pink brown variant does a great job of brightening the eyes.

k-palette essence in shadowliner pink brown x nude pink
The brown black x camel brown softly highlights the eyes...

k-palette essence in shadowliner brown black x camel brown
While the deep brown x nude is a girl on the go's daily best friend. It lends a natural yet polished look and it's extremely easy to use and almost impossible to make a mistake with.

k palette essence in shadowliner deep brown x nude beige
k-palette shadowliner english
Here are swatches of all 4 shades:

(black x brown | camel brown | pink | nude)

And here's a very simple tutorial/get ready with me vid featuring the new K-Palette Essence in Shadowliner to achieve a Parisian Style No Make-Up Make-Up look:

Hope you enjoy the vid!

Essence in Shadowliner retails for P950 and is exclusively available at The SM Store, Beauty Bar and The Beauty Source at Rustans.

K-Palette is distributed in the Philippines by Beauty Box Corp.

for more info visit: www.beautyboxcorp.com 

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This looks interesting! Gotta check out Beauty Bar soon. I swear by the K-Palette eyebrow pen, so I'm assuming this is a great product!

Erika // ofdreamsandthings.com
Mommy Kach said…
I love K-Pallete products! My sisters who live in Japan just have me the 1 day tattoo eyeliner and I'm hooked. Will ask them for the shadow liners next time. Thanks for sharing :)
reigningstill said…
You are definitely right. So easy to use especially when travelling or as an everyday make up stash. Light lang. :) Nice tutorial btw.
TheMissusV said…
I would love to try the pink/brown variant! This would be great to bring to parties and night-out for quick touch ups because it's handy!
Rose Angelie said…
I agree with the nice packaging! Really convenient kasi 2-in-1 na. Great shades too! :)
Jacq Paraguya said…
Wow! K-Palette has so many products out na! But I don't think we have that here. Sana mag-expand pa sila to other countries. huhu T_T
Melisa Sanchez said…
Cool! I love the color brown. kasi di sya masyadong halata :D
Jennifer Villanueva said…
I have some serious fascination about such product because i really honestly find it hard to apply it without looking like a mime, hahaha! You know i am an artist, i paint but when it comes to make-ups, i suck! Been watching tutorials latrly though, hoping i will somehow improve.
Wow I would love to try this, eyeshadow and liner in one. So interesting!

Followed your blog! :)
Mhaan of Mommy Rockin' In Style
Balot said…
Congrats in your tutorial on No Make-Up Look, you're a pro!
Never had an eyeshadow or eyeliner thus it is interesting to watch the tutorial, helpful for me :)
Thanks for the tutorial. You make it so easy!