#nevertooold: the button up mini

Since when did turtlenecks and mini skirts become something solely meant for the teenage set??? Because that's exactly what my 9 year old daughter told me when she accompanied me to the dressing room to try on a few things.

Kaloka. Haha

That just made me want to buy it more. :P

And so I did, in 3 colors.

button up mini street style
I guess it's also because I found it super refreshing after spending a couple of years in ultra minimalist normcore blacks and whites...

My transition was pretty slow in awkward baby steps...and I think I'm still transitioning and I also think I will still go back to normcore for lazy days but it's always nice to change things up a bit once in awhile.

70s mini street style
And this 70s fashion trend was pretty hard for me to resist because the normcore 90s and the hippie/mod '65-'75s are somewhat related for me.

I grew up in the 90s during the height of the grunge era so I wore the Doc Martens, ripped jeans, flannel, the whole shebang but more than fashion, it was the music that always got to me and fashion was just a way of expressing myself...

easy half bun
Best eras in music for me are the 90s and those produced during the years 1965-75. As a teenager, I always felt like I was born in the wrong decade because I really really really wanted to experience the original Woodstock and be part of the San Francisco scene.

button up mini street style
So I guess that's why I'm torn between the 2. One thing I'll probably never do are shoulder pads. haha

button up mini outfit
zara top | stradivarius skirt | soludos espadrilles | promod bag


tinsley said…
Love the skirt! & the bag too :)
Anonymous said…
That alone has created me miserable over the final couple of years.

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Maria Louisa Mae P. Mercado said…
Nice outfit! Love the colors and the skirt!
sarah tirona said…
bag is one of my faves too :)
Anna Plaida said…
Nice otd :-) love your bag match with your blouse
thekitchen goddess said…
My daughter is more fashion-forward than I am ... love your outfit though :)
Maan Laxa said…
I haven't worn mini skirts in so many years! Oo nga naman, who says mums can't wear minis?
Ma.Me.Mi.Mommy said…
Super nice! Yikes if shoulder pads get in the fashion scene again! Hehe
sarah tirona said…
cheers to that mummy! :)
Amethystine said…
The top is to die for! Looks comfy and versatile :)
jared's mum said…
i love the top, it looks very comfy + it goes very well with the skirt. i am not too fond of wearing skirts, but this looks like something i'd be comfortable in.