nothing but h20's endless summer passport

Loyalty pays at Nothing But H2O! 

Introducing the Endless Summer Passport: a loyalty and frequency card that rewards loyal customers with Gift Certificates up to P1,000 with a fully stamped passport!

My thoughts? Finally! haha

Been shopping here since the late 90s at their first (I think) boutique in Robinsons Galleria. It used to be one of the few places where I could get a decent bikini that fit and they also had the coolest summer clothes...crochet everything! Do you remember?

Nowadays, they have more than just a couple of brands under their belt which is great because it makes shopping for beach essentials much simpler AND much easier to get that passport stamped!

I also love how they gravitate towards "conscious" labels and the best homegrown brands like Lagu which is the only beach blanket I use because they pack nicely and are sand repellant.

Currently at 20% off!

nothing but h20 endless summer passport

There's also TOMS which is popular for comfort and their one for one advocacy.

Personally, one of my favorite shoe brands because of its timeless aesthetic.

nothing but h20 endless summer passport 

Lots of styles currently at 50% off. Me and my daughter couldn't resist so we each had to pick up a for one? haha

Check us out on snapchat (@sarahtirona) to see what else we got.

toms kids philippines

They can also be "current" with Tumblr favorites such as Lulu DK flash tattoos and Kameleonz shades.

Lulu DK tats are the best. They have the prettiest designs and last really long. Plus you can cut them up, mix and match to design your own.

nothing but h20 endless summer passport

Kameleonz on the other hand are super affordable interchangeable sunglasses that float (!) so you can also mix to match your different moods and outfits.

Think less than 1k for UV400, Polarized and Revo lenses!


Indeed it is.

nothing but h20 2015 collection

There's also Zinka which is now at 50% off!

get the ultimte surfer look with colored, super fun, zinc oxide sunblock! Your kids will love this since it's perfect as warrior paint that protects easily sunburned areas such as the nose and cheeks.

nothing but h20 2015 collection

And finally, my most favorite of all, Nothing But H20's very own in-house label: Anemone Swimwear.

nothing but h20

Despite the abundance of competition in the market today, Anemone remains consistently at the top of every beach babes list because of their high quality and flattering cuts.

nothing but h20 endless summer passport

INMHO, they can compete with most premium imported labels and excel. The colors don't fade easily and the type of spandex they use is thick, flexible and durable.

You know how cheap swimsuits make a sort of traumatizing ripping sound when you first put them on despite being your size or even a size bigger? Like they feel like bacon already even if they're brand new? I hate that.

Anemone suits don't do that.

nothing but h20 endless summer passport

Instead they stretch just the right amount for a seamless fit. I love how their suits fit like a glove and feel totally secure once I put them on. (And they specialize in separates!!! YAY!)

I am by nature very malikot especially at the beach and I find it really annoying when I have to constantly re-adjust my swimwear to avoid embarrassing wardrobe malfunctions so it's really a breathe of fresh air to put on a suit and not have to worry about all that.

Did I mention how unattractive that looks as well? :P

nothing but h20 endless summer passport

So like I was saying, I really like their bathing suits and I couldn't help but try on a few. Of all, these two were my favorites:

nothing but h20 endless summer passport

I've been lusting over one-piece suits but I never even attempted to try because I felt they lacked support for my ample you know whats..but no, they kept them right up there! No camel toe either!

And despite being white, nothing shows when wet!

So yup, I got that one during my store visit but I couldn't get my mind off this one either sooo...

nothing but h20 2015 collection

Well, you know how it goes. Needless to say, I've already got a couple of stickers down on my Endless Summer Passport and it ain't even officially summer yet! :P

nothing but h20 endless summer passport

For more info on Nothing But H20, connect with them socially via Facebook and Instagram (@NothingButH20)

or shop online at:


Witwew!!! Bagay sa 'yo! hahaha love the items in this store, too!
Nicole said…
I love the brands Nothing but H20 carries. And can I just say you look fab in those swimsuits!!
Kaity said…
Nice choices!(: Does the stamp/s have expiration? Until when can we complete it?
Arge said…
Can't wait to get back in shape so I can also wear the fab swimsuits from Nothing but H2O!
animetric said…
OMG sana ganyan ako kapayat XD
Amethystine said…
You really don't look like a 30 something mom! The white swimsuit looks great on you! :)
sarah tirona said…
hahaha something lang talaga no, the rest of it is secret! lol thank youuuu