alcatel flash 2 review: hands on demo + sample photos

An octacore smartphone with a 13mp camera for way less than 10k.

Yup, that's what you get with the new Alcatel One Touch Flash 2.

If there's one positive thing to come out of this "selfie generation", it's probably the refusal to settle and accept mediocre technology.

Gone are the days when people would have to sacrifice an entire month's paycheck on an iPhone just to be able to capture decent photos.

With demand comes competition.

One company that recognizes the need for quality smartphones that come with an affordable price tag is ALCATEL.

Their recently released One Touch Flash 2 Android is proof that when squeezed hard enough, exceptional quality can be had very inexpensively.

You'll notice immediately with the packaging that this was an inspired product. Much thought was put into it.


Along with that, each Flash 2 phone already comes with a flip cover case, screen protectors, standard USB charger and in-ear headphones.



But does it perform?


Yup, quite impressively, in fact.

Most android phones I've tried in the past usually can't help but freeze after several days in use. This one was pretty consistent with regards to its speed and performance.

Check out the specs taken from GSM arena below and judge for yourself:

alcatel one touch flash 2 specs

Tech stuff bores me so I'll just talk about my experience using it for several days...

The Flash 2 was specifically enhanced and designed for photography because nowadays, what good is a smartphone when you can't take good photos with it right?

Here's some sample photos I took using my Flash 2 under different lighting conditions.


alcatel flash 2 sample photosalcatel flash 2 sample photosalcatel flash 2 sample photos

All three cactus photos were taken indoors under natural light. The first one in "auto mode" while the 2nd and 3rd in HDR.

Here's a sample of a photo taken indoors under poor lighting conditions with flash in auto:

alcatel flash 2 sample photos

And the other also in auto mode but with flash:

alcatel flash 2 sample photos

Here's another one taken against the light with flash:

alcatel flash 2 sample photos

And without:

alcatel flash 2 sample photos

Here's a typical flatlay-ish photo that's popular on Instagram :)

alcatel flash 2 sample photos

And now using the front cam in selfie mode:

alcatel flash 2 hand gesture camera feature alcatel flash 2 hand gesture camera feature alcatel flash 2 sample photos

The Flash 2 camera has a special gesture feature which allows the cam to automatically take photos when you do the "peace sign". :D

For a more thorough look at the Alcatel One Touch Flash 2, check out this unboxing video I made and ALSO linked to it is a hands on vid where I show you how to take photos and demonstrate its sound quality + built-in speakers.


The ALCATEL One Touch FLASH 2 is a pretty tough contender in its price range.

You'll probably have a hard time finding another smartphone that looks as handsome and performs as well as this for only P6,190.

Get yours exclusively at while supplies last.


Yuri (˚▽˚) said…
Crossfinger. I have so many entries on this. :D
Charleys Mommy said…
Wow! This is such a good read! Thank you for sharing! :)
Denise Rayala said…
High five to the auto "peace sign" feature. How genius! But what if we don't usually do that? Haha!
Rose Angelie said…
Great shots! First thing I always check sa phones is the photo quality. With this, I think Alcatel did a great job. Impressive!
EINz said…
Peace sign, not smile for auto capture of photos?! That's cool =)
Anyway, that's one budget friendly phone. Alcatel is a trusted brand, so it's highly recommendable, good enough as Christmas gift.
Maan Laxa said…
Huhu I want to buy this phone but sold out agad sa Lazada when I checked! I hope I can find a seller somewhere haha
Lorly said…
missed a mobile phone unboxing event last week, thanks for cluing us in on what's new from Alcatel. Yep, I agree, it is the 'selfie generation' we now have, my kids would know this, for sure.
Ma.Me.Mi.Mommy said…
I love the part where you use the peace sign to take a photo. I first encountered that with an LG phone and I was so impressed. It's good to hear that there is a quality gadget like this that does not hurt a mom's budget.
Balot said…
Nice shot quality!
Bago na pala ngayon, peace sign instead of smile na ang ica-capture :D