You've heard of BLACK FRIDAY SALES and stories of how epic they are right?

And what was the WORST thing about those stories?

We never have them here.

My relatives from abroad always gloat to me about how much money they saved on a new flatscreen tv, designer bag, etc...

And I always just end up jealous.


zalora ph black friday sale zalora ph black friday sale 
I heard from a little bird that we Pinoys are finally gonna have our own taste of Black Friday SALE goodness soon.


Are you familiar with an online shopping site called, ZALORA? Haha...I'm sure you are.

Well, from what I heard Zalora is bringing us the big Black Friday Sale this November!
zalora ph black friday sale zalora ph black friday sale 
Yup! I don't know the full details yet but I'm surely gonna keep tabs on their site from now on. You know how crazy, hoarding shoppingeras can get and I certainly don't want to miss out.

My course of action? Add as many things as I can to My Cart and check out quickly as soon as they go on sale. Pretty smart eh? Something I learned from years of bargain shopping online. :P

It really pays off as well, got several pieces in this OOTD  during the past sale for cheap. I don't exactly remember how much but around P400 I think for the top. Not bad eh?


More Malaysia Posts Again Tomorrow!

I just thought you guys needed a break, was I wrong? :P


Pearliza and Jaear Paguio said…
Saving some money is always a good thing so hurray for Philippines for having a black friday sale as well. I remember when i used to work in a telesales company in the US. We don't get to take a break in between every call cause a lot fo customers wants to avail certain promos during Black Friday Sale.
Kim Reyes said…
I'm ready for it!!!
TheMissusV said…
I've heard so much about Black Friday Sale from friends in the US! Looking forward to this one from Zalora. I hope they will have lots of awesome stuff at discounted price.
sarah tirona said…
i feel ya sistah! hahahhaa
sarah tirona said…
hahaha taranta mode on, mustve been difficult for you
mrsbry126 said…
Oh nooo! I promised myself, no more shopping unless it's for the kids... Hmm... I don't think I can hold on to that promise, hahaha!
islesgilian said…
I hope it comes! :)
May De Jesus-Palacpac said…
Oooh, I just learned what the "cart' was for! Haha. Thanks for the tip!
Mommy QueenElizabeth said…
I love your green shoes! So epic! :-*
Balot said…
Wow! Perfect for gift-giving for christmas season, I hope they give big discounts.
Ma.Me.Mi.Mommy said…
Oooh, interesting! Can't wait for details!
Maan Laxa said…
Haha I'm going to do just that. Lagi akong nauubusan pag online flash sales eh!
Looking forward to our very own Black Friday Sale! Thanks for sharing!
Thanks for the heads up! Aabangan ko yan! :)
jared's mum said…
wow! i did not know Zalora came up with their very own Black Friday sale. Should be exciting to get items at cheaper price! Love the top, by the way, + the shoes you paired it with! :)
Love love love your OOTD on this post Sarah!
Lady Anne Louise ☺♥ said…
Ohh I'm so late. I like your OOTD.