career shifts over the weekend #nevertooold

Hi All!

I'm drowning in ootd and event post backlogs now but I have a good reason this time around...

topshop rust 70s style mini street style


Remember this post

Well, because of that, someone was kind (and brave?!) enough to put their faith in me and hire me to design their office despite the fact that I'm not a licensed professional!

I am exciteddddd! If all goes well with this project, I might go back to school.

Because scary as it may seem, we are never too old to take on new challenges, discover hidden potential and yes, go back to college!

So I hope this post inspires you guys to try something new as well...

It doesn't have to be huge or life changing. Just something that can shake you out of your routine and bring excitement and passion back to everyday living.

70s fashion street style
About the outfit, this is what I wore to the launch of Fossil's Fall/Winter 2015 collection. Will write about that next...

bershka fringe jacket street style
Really enjoying this 70s trend, so refreshing after all the minimalist blacks and whites of the normcore era.

promod blogger

clothes by promod | toms wedge sandals


TheMissusV said…
Oh, I love your outfit! And I totally agree that we are never too old for any challenge. Just over the weekend, I agreed to do a photoshoot for an online clothing shop. My first time and I truly enjoyed modeling!
Melisa Sanchez said…
Simplicity is the true beauty! I love your clothes, plus your hair, you look so adorable :)
islesgilian said…
I love the brown skirt. =) Looks really good on you. I can feel the excitement about your project. =)
Grace Sarakbi said…
such a refreshing vibe from your photos :)
Nilyn EC Matugas said…
Why do you look good in everything you wear? ;)
animetric said…
Congrats on your new career as interior designer! :D
Anna Plaida said…
love the outfit simple but yet you look elegant :-)
mama speaks said…
Chic outfit and quite classy too. I am happy for your knew found passion. Keep it up!
Kat Jorge-Rodriguez said…
Good luck on your future plans.