get creative at hamleys

When an event invite hints at arts and crafts, I almost always rsvp...even more so when it offers a chance for me to bond with my daughter.

And that is why I found myself at the Hamleys store in Central Square, BGC a couple Sundays ago...

get creative at hamleys
hamleys toy store ph
It was an afternoon well spent that both me and my daughter enjoyed throughly.

get creative at hamleys
hamleys toy store central bgc
Aside from crafting, there were also different games for parents and their kids...

(I won the name that tune contest for Nikola, it was a landslide win btw. Definitely one of my specialties! haha)

get creative at hamleys
hamleys ph
So the games were a really nice way to add more excitement to the day but we throughly enjoyed the frame design activity prepared for us.

get creative at hamleys
get creative with hamleys
I was really amused with all the new materials we got to try from Hamleys own brand of art materials.

Being someone who dabbles in art, I was surprised at the quality of their paints. They were really pigmented and easy to manipulate.

get creative at hamleys
get creative with hamleys
Aside from the more common paints, colored pencils, glitter pens, etc that they carry, my favorite of all was a kind of kiddie version of a gold leafing kit.

It comes with thick spongy stickers that you attach colored foils to to create a "gold leaf" effect.

This was a hit not just with the kids but with the parents as well.

I can imagine it being a top seller this Christmas just cause it's so much fun to use and it's the only one of it's kind that I'm aware of.

Here are the frames that Nikola created using various art materials from Hamleys:

get creative at hamleys
hamleys toy store art materials
(She takes after her mother, noh? :P)

The one on the left actually won in the design contest and she was more than happy to show off her work in front of the crowd.

get creative at hamleys
get creative with hamleys event bgc
If you're looking for unique toys and gifts to nurture your kids talents and keep them busy for hours without an iPad (or give as presents this Holiday season), I suggest giving Hamleys a visit.

For sure, it's less stress than most other dept. stores plus they've got a lot of different sized kits in different price ranges to fit your budget.

for more info, connect with Hamleys Philippines on Facebook.


Anagon said…
Galing din ng Veloci, pero sana may smaller version for the girls, mala yung isang collection nila! :)
Kim Reyes said…
Wow, I love the frames you made! My daughter and I bond over arts and crafts as well so this is something I might get for our art weekends. :)
Sure looks like a super fun activity! :)
reigningstill said…
Ang cute. Nice bonding with your little girl. Can't wait to do kikay stuff with my baby girl as well.
Melisa Sanchez said…
Ang cute naman ng picture frame :) Super fun and creative activity, ang galing!
mama speaks said…
Oh wow, these are cool and quite sexy, if you ask me. My eldest would love one of them for Christmas.
Anonymous said…

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Nilyn EC Matugas said…
aw. super cute! I love it! ♥
Denise Rayala said…
Ooh, nice. My military husband will like this. :)
mama speaks said…
What an ideal way to bond with your child. You are right kids new spends so much time with gadgets. Will vist Hamley's soon to check it out.
kikaysikat said…
lovely watch. I want one!
I love the camo prints and I love big watches too! I have a collection of Gshock watches and use them everyday. Will check these new release from Veloci on my next mall visit.
Ma.Me.Mi.Mommy said…
Curious about this! I hope to be able to drop by sometime soon. :)
levy said…
Nicola is so creative ha. I love her work.
Maan Laxa said…
Haha I always win Name That Tune, too. This event looks so awesome!
Your daughter is so pretty. :)
Ang cute ng anak mo at tangkad na ha

Kat Jorge-Rodriguez said…
The event looks fun. That's a pretty frame indeed, congrats to your daughter.
MommyCharm said…
My son will surely love this place! Gotta check this one out too =)
Janice Lim said…
My kids love Hamleys but we've yet to check out the arts and crafts stuff. For sure, we're gonna go gaga over them! :)
macdimayuga said…
I love hamleys, their shelves look so neat and the place looks festive :) Looks like you had fun!
Pearl Paguio said…
The event and place looks wonderful! My kids would have enjoyed this too ^_^
tgf said…
If my son will see this post, I'm sure he'll ask his Dad for one of these Veloci watches. So cool! -- Maria Teresa Figuerres
Lorly said…
I am big on prints too. They kinda look like GShocks we know. Will look it up. Thanks
Ang cute naman ng watch na to! I waaant!
May Sharma said…
HI - LOVE yr Blog. Following you! Question: Where can I buy raw leather for arts n craft? Meron ba sa BGC?