Meet The NEW SM Woman


For someone born in the (nevermind :P), it's a new word for me. I grew up without hearing it. Back then, weight/size issues were always swept under the carpet, hidden until it was too late.

Insecurities about our body is dangerous and many good people have been lost too soon because of this.

Body shaming is real and drastic actions need to be done in order to address this issue properly.

A company that recognizes this is SM.

In their efforts to make every woman learn how to appreciate every inch of themselves, they have launched several campaigns and new lines for every age and body type.

SM Woman ambassador Melania Solano shares, “I love the fact that different kinds of Filipina women with different body types were chosen for a campaign. It’s great to get behind a socially responsible message.” 
The tone was set earlier this year with their Dare to Denim campaign which encourages all women to love their bodies and be confident in their own skin. 
It received an overwhelming response from women all over the Philippines so being the pioneer that they are, SM Woman has decided to go further and break down the limitations of body standards.

For a glimpse of their new offerings, check out these videos below:

SM Woman Fashion: 

SM Woman Casual: 

SM Woman Plus gives plus women a breadth of choices for the party months. Plus women can have their fill of fun, flirty dresses, chic career gear and denim and knit classics with sizes ranging up to 5L. Find current and trendy pieces in bold hues because who says you have to hide in black? There are also forgiving cuts to flatter every plus-sized body type. NO TENT DRESSES, yay!

SM Woman GTW: 

SM Woman makes it easy for women to look great. Each fashion-forward piece is chosen for the Filipina, by a Filipina. Invest in ever-posh styles that always spell out, “I have arrived,” no matter what the occasion. With the options available, every woman can look their best every single day; be confident and spot-on with the latest trends whether it’s to make a good first impression at a job interview, or to glam up for a night out, or to polish a casual look. There is a fashionable piece folded on the racks or elegantly draped on a mannequin for every woman, fitting to complement a variety of body shapes and to enhance the Filipina’s skin tones.

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Be fearless, be daring, be SM Woman.