pros and cons: short vs.long prom dresses

What's your take on the prom dress? What do you consider when shopping for one?

Back when I was in high school we were pretty uninformed about fashion. We had no idea which styles suited our height and body type.

We would just pick out what everyone else was wearing in a color we liked. 

Usually it would be a dress similar to something we spotted on a celebrity not caring if she was 5’11” with a svelte figure and we were just 5’1” and quite chubby.

The result? More than enough black mail pictures to last us 2 lifetimes!

So with prom season fast approaching, I thought I’d write a short piece on how to pick the perfect prom dress for your figure.

First things first, lets dissect the kind of impression different prom dresses project.

Long ones basically exude glamour and sophistication while short ones represent youth and the effortless charm of youth.

So which do you prefer?

The problem with some long gowns is that they might appear too mature for your face or age. So it’s best to try them on first to avoid looking like you borrowed your dress from an old relative.

Go to websites such as Milly Bridal to the different styles that are sought after today. They have a wide selection of long and short prom dresses that you can choose from.

Once you’ve narrowed down your choices, take a good long look at yourself in the mirror and imagine the dress on you…

Some general tips would be:

Short dresses are more flattering on petite girls but you can get away with a long gown as long as it’s sleek with a skirt that skims your legs. Nothing too frilly.
Tall slender girls can pretty much get away with any style just remember to check the length of the dress before purchasing to make sure it’s not too short for your height.

Baby doll dresses do wonder for masking the tummy.

Those with fuller bossoms can benefit from an open or v-necklne. Avoid high necks.

And lastly, pick a dress that you’re comfortable in. People can tell when you’re uncomfortable. The last thing you want is to be fidgeting the entire night. That’s not very attractive.

Enjoy prom and good luck picking out your dress!