the halal guys are in manila!


After months of waiting and delays, The Halal Guys are finally opening!

SAVE THE DATE: 10-13-15

One of the best perks of my job is being one of the first to try exciting new places and no other establishment opening this year could probably could get me as excited as this.

Were my expectations met?

Read on for a first look at THE HALAL GUYS! :)

the halal guys ph
the halal guys ph
Yesterday was a dry run exclusively held for press and bloggers.

The first Halal Guys outside of New York is in our country and I can't believe how lucky we are to have been chosen as the first place to expand in.

Their pioneer branch in Manila is located at the slightly more posh food court of the 5th floor of SM Megamall's Fashion Hall.

Their staff seemed well trained and happy to be working at such an iconic establishment.

the halal guys ph
hahal guys manila
Prices are reasonable. About P200++php for a large plate.

You can opt between regular and NEW YORK SIZE which is large enough to share between two people on your NEXT visit.

For first-timers, I suggest getting a large and ordering as much as you can since I imagine the lines will be super long.

Menu is pretty basic and straightforward. 

Choose wether you want your chicken/beef/falafel over rice or as a gyro. Bestsellers are combos such as the one in the photo below which includes chicken and beef + rice + pita + greens topped with a delicious white sauce (ask for a lot!)

I LOVE FALAFELS so I got a side order which only cost P99 for 4!

If you like things spicy, make it a point to grab some extra hot sauce. It's super spicy but packed with yummy flavor (not all heat) just be careful and only put a little at first or things could and might get nasty...:P

halal guys ph
halal guys manila menu
I risked a gallbladder attack for this meal. PG na kung PG but I gotta say, a bite of that beef dredged in sauce was worth it.

Thank god I didn't get an attack but even if I did...ok lang. hahaha

They're still closed but I heard they'll be opening at an undisclosed time today to serve a limited number of people for a dry run.If you're in the area, why not drop by and take your chances?
halal guys grand opening
halal guys grand opening manila
halal guys grand opening
halal guys ph menu

If not, be one of the first 100 customers on 10-13-15 to enjoy a FREE meal!
for more info, connect with THE HALAL GUYS PH on Facebook

Aaaand lastly, here's a fun compilation of snaps I grabbed from my snapchat during the event. You can check out more on my snapchat, username: @sarahtirona


krissy said…
I LOVE IT!! Haha dama ko 'yun excitement! ^_^
MommyCharm said…
Just in SM Megamall! Oh yeah. Hubby will surely love this!
Nilyn EC Matugas said…
hahaha! natawa ako sa last clip ng video mo! na-hot sauce ang mata, that's ok, pretty parin! :D
mama speaks said…
First time to heard of Halal Guys. That means they are Halal certified? I have seen lots of halal certified restaurants in Malaysia but never got to try them. Will check them out.
im eager to try the felafel and ill watch out for that hot sauce, baka malagyan ko din mata ko! lol
animetric said…
Sayang di ko nasubukan yun Falafel!
Kat Jorge-Rodriguez said…
Great. I love Mediterranean food. I'm excited about this but I gotta wait till the hype die down a little, haha.
Anna Plaida said…
I never tried this kind of variety of food, hope I have a guts to try some other foods
This is the second entry I red about Halal Guys! I will definitely check this out!

sarah tirona said…
yummy sya hanapin mo talaga taste. better 2nd time around :)
sarah tirona said…
you should! i live to eat and its fun. hahaha
sarah tirona said…
true, im afraid of the lines too thats why i took advantage talaga during the soft opening, hahaha
sarah tirona said…
its popular in new york and first tayo mag franchise :)
sarah tirona said…
hahahahaha sarap e :P lol lol lol
sarah tirona said…
saraaaap krissy!!! sana may no pila pass. hahaha
Jem Alvarado said…
We will check this out when we pass by to location.. Looks like foods they serve are healthy.
MommyCharm said…
I would love to try Halal Guys! Prolly next week, pag off ko na so I can wait until the mall opens =)