holiday dress suggestions

Hello, November! It’s official, we’ve hit the holiday season. Along with that are a slew of parties that we must attend for one reason or another.

It could be for work, catching up with old friends or maybe getting to know the family of your significant other?

Whatever the reason, one thing remains certain. We will all be shopping for dresses to wear to all these semi-formal/formal occasions.

With thousands of options available nowadays, the process can get quite confusing and time-consuming.

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I am personally dreading the traffic and large influx of people that accompanies Christmas shopping at the mall so I’ve chosen to do most of my shopping online. Yes, even for clothes and dresses.

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The key is to know your measurements to ensure that what you order fits perfectly once it arrives at your doorstep.

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There are tons of online shopping websites that offer inexpensive modest evening gowns and formal party gowns Christmas. What I love most about these sites is that you can order a dress you like in your own measurements so it’s like having your own personal dressmaker! Not only that, they can even change the color of the dress for you. 

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Say you adore a certain style but it’s in black and the occasion calls for red, you can switch it up and request for that instead.

Pretty convenient, right?

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I’ve been in several situations wherein I spent an entire day scourging through the mall just to find the perfect yellow dress. It was so difficult. Almost impossible in fact that I had to settle for separates.

This definitely solves that problem and you can do it all in your pajamas, without make-up at the comfort of your own living room.

If you ask me, it’s definitely the best way to shop for hard to find pieces.