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I've spent most of my 2015 living out of suitcases (and sometimes backpacks). I love to travel, it feeds my soul but sometimes, I miss home. But then when I'm back home, I miss the buzz and excitement of exploring new cities on foot.

And that is why Makati should be your number 1 choice for a staycation!

Out of all the cities in Metro Manila, this is the only one I feel comfortable in as a pedestrian. Much like abroad, the sidewalks are wide, malls are interconnected and there's more than enough street-level boutiques and coffee shops to pop into when it gets too hot out.

Yes, we can drive to Makati for the day, park the car and go home but I tell ya, staying in a hotel and experiencing the city as a tourist is a whole different experience! It's fun!

I got to try it last week. 
Here's what happened and also how you can avail of huge discounts at Makati's top hotels from MasterCard.

The day started with a lunch, raffle and briefing about the different activities that we could participate in during our stay:

It was also the official launch of Make It Makati's partnership with MasterCard...

From November to December 2015, MasterCard cardholders can avail of Raffles and Fairmont Makati rooms at a 50% discount on Best Available rates on weekends, Friday to Sunday (except for the following black-out dates: November 13-19, and Dec. 31). Spend your holiday lunch and dinner socials with 1 free buffet for every 4 diners at Spectrum. While savoring your staycation, indulge as well in some “me” time at the renowned Willow Stream Spa, with a 50% off promo on weekdays – Monday to Thursday, 10am to 3pm, on all ala carte massage treatments.

Soon after, it was time to head off to our respective hotels. I ended up staying at the Intercontinental Manila.


I've got lots of fond childhood memories in this place so I was pretty excited to spend some time there again...

Though not as new as the other hotels, I find the Intercon to be one of the most welcoming. Maybe it's because I find it so familiar, staying here gives me a sense of security and warmth.

And it's also still very well-kept with nice furniture, finishes and linens.

If you'd like to book a room at the InterContinental Manila and Holiday Inn & Suites Makati hotels, MasterCard offers discounts of up to 50% off on room rates and at Café Jeepney and Flavors. This is applicable to a minimum of two diners and a maximum of 10 for every visit. In addition, for every three diners at Prince Albert, the fourth eats for free. 

It also helped that I was welcomed with a gorgeous spread of fresh fruits, chocolates and ahhhh...a bottle of wine!

After freshening up, it was time to head out in the shuttle to familiarize ourselves with one of Makati's newest and exciting stomping grounds... Circuit!


Because when you book your staycation with any participating hotels, you also get to enjoy a Circuit Makati Bundle that includes 2 Circuit Bazaar Tickets, 2 Karl Edwards Bazaar Tickets, 2 Solar Mad Fest Tickets, and a food voucher for every Power Mac Center Spotlight ticket purchase.

Last time I was here was for Close Up Forever Summer 2014 and it was total chaos. Just a field with an unorganized parking scheme.

It has changed so much since then and there is so much to do here...not just shop.

My favorite activity? Karting!

There's a large race track here with professional go-karts! And kiddie ones too...

Before they let you into your kart, you need to go on a safety briefing where this guy explains to you how the kart works and the meaning behind the different colored flags that they will be waving throughout the heat.

I just arrived from my Malaysia Tourism Hunt the day before so I was really excited to race again!

It's something you really, really gotta try. Trust me on this. :)

After karting it was time for a quick dinner at Backyard...

{Where the food is really good and served in large portions...}

Before we were whisked off again to the Power Mac Center Spotlight theatre to see No Filter!

A play about millenials that I thoroughly enjoyed and could still relate to because...isip bata? Haha, well, I'm cusp naman, so...

The play ended at around 11pm, I was exhausted from my previous trip and the full day of activities so it felt doubly nice to settle into a clean bed with crisp sheets, goose down beddings, cool air-conditioning, dim-lighting and a nice glass(es) of wine. Aaaah....

So what happened the next day? They left that up to us. No more program to follow, just enjoy our remaining hours in Makati.

I chose to....

Have a hearty breakfast at Jeepney which consisted of...drum roll please..yoghurt, croissants, an omelette, muesli, fresh juice, 1,2, 3, 4 black coffees, a little bit of bacon and my favorite...Eggs Benedict!

After which I decided to make full use of the pool and spend a couple of hours not doing anything but enjoy the view, the water, the weather and my drink.

This was nearing noon...luckily, my request for late check-out was granted and I could extend my stay til 2pm.

Yessss! There was one last thing I wanted to do before checking out...

Aside from enjoying 50% off on room rates, you also get to enjoy 20% discount on treatments at the InterContinental Spa and Holiday Inn & Suites Spa. 

And you know what, despite numerous spas mushrooming around the city, getting a massage at the hotel spa is still the best experience.

Their therapists are really well trained, the oils they use are top-notch and you get an entire room plus full bath all to yourself. No need to rush and dress up after your treatment. You can take your time dressing up while you enjoy a nice warm cup of tea...

Like this! :P

I have been dying for a massage because my back was killing me from all the driving I did so I was really really really happy afterwards. Yup, no other words to describe it. Just happy, satisfied and refreshed.

After checking out, I walked across to Glorietta for a late lunch, coffee and some shopping. How fun right? I also love how the malls here close at a later than the ones near my house. Makes me feel like I'm in Hong Kong but hotter. Haha.

So you know, think about it. Especially now that we need to start going Christmas shopping and all. I used to really enjoy doing that but the traffic takes all the fun out of it. Imagine being checked into a hotel nearby and just walking across to shop. Once your hands are full, just deposit them back into your room and head back out again for dinner or drinks....I think it'll make it fun again especially with all the holiday festivities Ayala Malls have prepared for this season.

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