malaysia tourism hunt day 4: facing my fears at pd ostrich show farm (Part 1)

Do you wanna know what it's like to face your fears?

It's scary. :P

Welcome to....

DAY 4 - THE MOST INTERESTING (?!), EXCITING (?!) and MEMORABLE CHALLENGE of the Malaysia Tourism Hunt 2015 for me.

Why? Read more!

malaysia tourism hunt day 4

I have always had a thing about birds...I know that sounds bad...

I'm talking more about the avian variety with feathers? :P

(Excuse my french but..) they really, really, really, really, really scare the shit out of me! I am terrified of big, small, long beak, short beak, web feet, not web feet, etc, all of them! You get the picture.

And for some reason, I think it excites them.

I've had Geese chase after me (they're really noisy by the way) throughout my childhood (our aunties in our compound used to own a pair as pets --->#FML) , I've been attacked by 2 turkeys and an X amount of Texas chickens...I don't even want to remember how many.

So the feeling is mutual. They hate me, I eat them.

It's the only way I can (sorta get back at them heh).

Okay, so going back...

(that is exactly how it was worded in our handbook, nothing more nothing less so I didn't really know what to expect)

But still, I shouldn't have stayed up too late the previous night at Port Dickson having too much fun knowing that I was gonna be dealing with birds the following day...

But I did, so off I went driving to the farm like a zombie, extremely hungover and functioning on just about 2-3 hours of sleep max.

My tummy hurt from too much acid and I was on the verge of diarrhea plus my head was throbbing from the inside and getting pounded on from the outside.

The one advantage of a super hot climate? You sweat it all out after spending an hour under the hot sun and begin to feel (healthy?!) again in moments...

malaysia tourism hunt day 4

So after a quick briefing, 2 coffees, a coconut shake and free roaming around the mini zoo for a bit...

malaysia tourism hunt day 4malaysia tourism hunt day 4

My mind was finally clear and my basic motor functions were back to normal just in time to...


malaysia tourism hunt day 4


malaysia tourism hunt day 4


With my bare hands....huhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhu

goose catching at pd ostrich farm

Oh my god that was the most difficult thing I have ever had to do in my entire life! And to think I even sorta cheated.

I tried, I really, really, really tried to run after them and do it myself but I just couldn't. At the rate we were going, we probably wouldn't have been able to get out of that pen 'til dinner time.

I needed a goose in my arms and I needed it fast just to get this whole nightmare over with.

So what did we do?

goose catching at pd ostrich farm

I had my partner catch them and hand them over to me. Hehehe.

That's how you "work smart" you know....:P

But even then, I dropped the first 2.  :(

I know, I am beginning to sound like the annoying, pathetic girl who always gets killed first in a slasher movie but this was really the equivalent of it for me.
Finally, thankfully, I still don't know how I did it, but I did. I mustered up enough courage to finally cling on to one long enough for it to be considered a "catch".

I was in tears (hahahaha) but at least it was over.

goose catching at pd ostrich farm

You know I was so traumatized I can't even properly talk about the farm like a tourist! Hahaha but i'll try...

But first, having a bad day? You might feel better after watching this video...(make sure to watch 'til the end)

So there, the worst and weirdly enough, one of the best experiences of my life all done in a matter of a few hours.

I hated doing that! I really did. When I was there, while it was happening, I just really wanted to get it over with but now looking back, I think it was the most fun I had throughout our entire 6 day hunt.

You really experience an inexplicable amount of adrenalin and euphoria after going through extreme phobia. The rush is incomparable. And if you ask me right now if I'm willing to catch another goose again, the answer is still no. 

Unless maybe it's back here at Port Dickson with the same people.

Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think that spending time with birds would make me feel this happy! (ergh, sounded wrong again...!) :P

So now, I ask you? Do you want to experience the same level of adventure, excitement and glee? (did I just use the word glee?!)


PD Ostrich Farm is located at 9th mile along the Port Dickson beach road; watch out for a signboard at left while going south from town. Besides ostriches, visitors can see peacocks, peasants, jungle fowls, monkeys and a strangely large number of farm animals. The ostriches are housed in open paddocks shaded by large trees; they can be feed with pellets bought from the entrance. For a fee, adults and children can even ride ostriches around a small circuit at the back for the farm. A restaurant on the premises serves cuisine made from ostrich meat, including satay. Open daily from morning till evening, tickets are priced at MYR8 per adult and MYR4 per child.

PD Ostrich Farm is a fun place to visit and it's also a part of Port Dickson's Top 10 must-see tourist destinations.

for more info, visit:


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written in collaboration with the Ministry Of Tourism Malaysia


Pearliza Paguio said…
That does looks scary and fun haha. The dragon looking iguana looks scary. It sounds fun to steal ostrich eggs hahaha but I'm scare they might try to crack my head LOL
TheMissusV said…
Hahahaha! OMG! Sounds so much fun! Sorry, I really laughed when I saw your crying face! LOL I can imagine the how you felt! I feel the same about snakes and anything scaly! LOL
Oh what a fun fun trip! :) Hope to experience it someday...
Maan Laxa said…
Hahaha natawa naman ako sa opening. I've never touched a bird in my life -- I probably won't be able to catch a goose either!
Madz said…
Good for you you faced your fear!:)
Nilyn EC Matugas said…
This looks fun! Pero I can see you were challenged by the goose! haha.
Jem Alvarado said…
Clap! Clap! You're brave ha standing beside the Ostrich. I will be so nervous if I am in your place :)
Melisa Centino Sanchez said…
Ang saya-saya naman, I saw Ostrich in Davao, they are amazing! ang lalaki and ang bilis nia tumakbo hahahha!
Aci Girl said…
Looks so much fun!!! if there's one think I like about ostrich it would be there lovely lashes :P
One thing I scared the most is to interact with animals, kahit isda pa yan hahaha. I have this gut feeling kasi na baka kagatin nila ako no matter how small they are hehehe. Looks you enjoyed it a lot :D
levy said…
this post is funny and scary at the same time. I'm glad you have conquered your fear :) (high five!)
thekitchen goddess said…
Malaysia seems pretty cool! I've been there but only for a few hours only so its not really sulit.