free m.i. beats (multiple intelligence) playlist on spotify

Headphones on my belly instead of my ears as I relax on a rocking chair while reading a book.

Is this scenario familiar to you?

When I was pregnant with Nikola, I came across many articles that scientifically support music as a great way to enhance a child's mental growth development. So everyday, I would randomly play classical music on my headphones for her.

As she got older, it progressed to Baby Einsteins, Little Einsteins then One Direction. :P

m.i. beats
When they begin to develop their own taste, it might be more difficult to shove your own choice of music down their throats.

So what I do is just play it in the background at our entire house. Why? Because it really works! especially when she needs to study for a test. With the right music, she absorbs and remembers everything like a sponge AND in a more calm an relaxed fashion.

I may not be into scientific mumbo jumbo...(yawnn) but from my own personal experience, I can also attest to the fact that the right music can help you concentrate and perform better.

Whenever I have trouble writing an article, I just put on some classical music, wait a few minutes, relax and next thing you know, the words just begin flowing out of my brain and onto my keyboard. When I have trouble sleeping, same thing. 

There is a right kind of music for every need and thanks to Progress Pre-School Gold, we can now stream the right melodies for our children via Spotify for FREE!


Dr. Inciong and Teacher Marah have partnered with Progress Pre-School Gold to create the first ever playlists, based on scientific research and practical applications,  designed to help build Multiple Intelligence in the Philippines. 

“As Early Childhood Music Educators, we have chosen the songs based on our first hand experience with the children.  These songs were tried and tested with our students, were proven to have impact and were very appealing to them,” says Teacher Marah.  “We curated one playlist each to help enhance Brain Smarts (mental development), Body Smarts (physical development), and People Smarts (Social and Emotional Development).”

To support Brain smarts, the team chose songs that highlight linguistic development through vocabulary building, phonemic awareness and vocal development as a way to develop oral language and speak rhythmically and expressively. For Body Smarts, song selections were anchored on music that can potentially help develop fine and gross motor skills and for People Smarts, songs focus on showing kids how to express their appreciation for friends and practicing basic social skills such as cooperation. 


For every 1.6kg can of Progress Pre-School Gold, you get FREE access to the exclusive M.I. Beats Playlist on Spotify Premium for an entire month. Simply purchase the specially-marked cans to get the unique code, go on to register, then wait for the confirmation email. 


Wow this is interesting, I'm curious as my daughters need some focus sometimes :D
Kim Reyes said…
LOL at "Baby Einsteins, Little Einsteins then One Direction" - I can see this coming with my 4-year old girl!
Berlin Domingo said…
Like the One Direction you said there, hihihi. Same here. We play a lot of classical music at the small house. And my four-month old boy sleeps well with music on the background.
Oh yes, I did this, too! My favorite music was Vivaldi hehe
Madz said…
I let my daughter listen to classical music when she was in my womb. This is a great idea!
Nheng said…
My twins love music! When they watch movies it should have music kasi pag wala they are not interested.
mama speaks said…
This is wonderful. I used to play classical music when my boys where much younger. I swear by the positive effects music has on both my boys.
Ma.Me.Mi.Mommy said…
This is nice! Too bad though that my kids are picky when it comes to their milk.
Maan Laxa said…
We also play classical music here at home! We alternate it with "word songs" that enhance my kid's vocab.
Denice Joyce Diaz said…
Did this too but later on discovered that she likes Disney songs in piano. :)
sarah tirona said…
that's nice! like the classical songs from the princess movies?
sarah tirona said…
they dont like progress?
sarah tirona said…
thats a great idea a lot of moms with younger kids can benefit from! galing :)
sarah tirona said…
true, on me too when i need to concentrate or relax! hahaha
Same as you, I put headphones on my tummy when I was pregnant with my son. And now he likes Baby Einstein.
Jaclyn Chua-Park said…
I wish I had known about this earlier! Sadly I'm out of the country and can't purchase this anymore :(