balayage at juro salon exclusif

What do you do when your hairstylist cuts your hair too short?

Do you....

a. freak out and walk out?
b. cry

That's kinda what happened to me during my last visit to Juro Salon Exclusif
What did I do?

juro salon exclusif
juro salon before and after  
 I simply kept calm and carried on. 

If I was with another stylist, I probably would've panicked and left in tears but never in the capable hands of Jude and Rose.

As a blogger, I get invited to try tons of different salons but if you'll notice, since my first post on JURO, I stopped writing about others.

I am not paid to do that but I find it a great disservice to you guys to write about someone else knowing that hardly anyone will ever compare to my favorite.

Hair is a very delicate subject and something most of us give great importance to. I wouldn't want to recommend a salon that I'm not 100% sure will give you the results you're looking for. 

Perfection is subjective but not here. 

JURO is probably the only salon in the Philippines I've been to that I'm sure is capable of turning all your hair pegs into a reality. Automatically turning you into a #hairinspo for others.

Prior to my visit, the last salon appointment I had was many, many months ago. Due to my extremely chaotic schedule and (Manila's horrendous traffic), I tried to settle on a neighborhood salon for cut and color...they turned me blonde and burned my hair.

I really, really knew I had to make time for JURO because of the state my hair was in. It was too long, my whites were all over the place, it was dry and felt extremely heavy (it even looks heavy don't you think?) :

juro salon exclusif
juro salon review
I could not go on that way, it was getting extremely hard to manage especially during my "fam" trips with early call times and demanding activities.

So before my journey to Indonesia, I called them up and asked to (please) squeeze me into their tight holiday schedule. Thankfully, I was able to get a slot.

juro salon exclusif
balayage manila

Aside from being trained by Vidal Sassoon during his early years, he continues to educate himself with the latest trends and advancements in hair by attending various seminars and training programs abroad making him the most technically proficient coiffurist I've ever met. 

Jude studies your hair before he cuts it. He will check the way it grows and its natural movement to give you a haircut that grows out beautifully even after months and months of neglect.

My favorite technique of his is "vertical cutting". A method he conceived that evens out hair growth. It creates more texture for a wash and wear look that doesn't require much product to achieve that sexy bedhead look we all lust for.

And, going back to the beginning of my post, that's why I didn't panic. Jude knows what's best for me, and judging from my "after" pics, I can't help but agree with his "vision".

All I do now is air-dry, spritz on some Beach Born and I'm good to go. Out the door in 5 minutes with great hair.

juro salon exclusif
juro salon exclusif contact number
Another thing that never fails to impress me during each visit are the hair products they use.

They don't just cut and style, they also prep! prep! prep! with the highest quality hair care products sourced from travels abroad or international brand tie-ups (mostly french) to make sure your hair isn't damaged by the coloring process.

juro salon exclusif
juro salon review

I never know what to expect each time I sit in the chair of Ms. Rose and that always makes the process exhilarating.

I just told her I wanted a balayage. After that, I just relaxed and put the fate of my hair in her hands. I never worry because she always exceeds my expectations.

Ms. Rose isn't a colorist, she's an artist.

Like Jude, she continues to develop her talents abroad to create unique techniques that only she can apply for their clients.

juro salon exclusif
balayage at juro salon

Before applying product to the hair, Rose carefully studies Jude's work. There is no set method to the way she colors. To her, your hair is a canvas and each application of color is like paint set by an artist with his brush.

She has a keen eye for determining which areas to highlight so your hair looks like its moving even when its not. She plays with color and tones mixing them all effortlessly.
1 shade, 2 shades, 5, 7, 10?

I never really know, I just let her do her thing as we chat animatedly about our day.

And this is why...

juro salon exclusif
juro salon review
The results of putting all our faith in Jude and Rose.

A relationship made only possible by a consistent delivery of the best haircuts created in the Philippines.

juro salon exclusif
midnight blue hair
Wether you want something light, airy and beachy like mine...

Or something a little more daring and out of the box like these...

juro salon exclusif
purple hair tutorial
This is where you need to get it done. This is the only salon that I can 100% vouch for without worrying about any of you getting back to me with complaints. That's how confident I am about JURO's level of expertise.


Call: +632822-5673
JURO Salon Exclus is located at Kensington Place, Unit #2D, 1st Avenue corner 29th Street (near Burgos Circle), Crescent Park West, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City. 

The salon is open on Mondays to Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., by appointment only. 


Marie San Luis said…
Ok, you are about the 3rd person that has shown me short great-looking hair! This must be a sign that I should get mine done too! Love your new look! You look younger. :)
Lady Anne Louise ☺♥ said…
I have never tried this Salon. I fix my hair every year. I will consider this Salon since your hair looks fabulous.
Wow you look gorgeous on your new hair! When a hairstylist cuts my hair not into my liking, I simply walk away to the salon and freaks out at home! :D That's why it is important we have hairstylist that we trust and knows what is right for us. xx
Mommy QueenElizabeth said…
I love your new hair and the color! It's like you aged 15 years younger? Ang cute lang! :-)
mama speaks said…
Your hairstyle suits you. I have never worn my hair that short ever, I would probably cry well because mine is naturally wavy and the shorter it get the curlier it becomes.
Janice Lim said…
OMG, I want hair like yours! Mine is also too long and heavy already. Been craving for a trip to the salon.
Berlin Domingo said…
i sooo love the hair. Wish im near that place. or my favorite salon has the likes of jude and rose.
MommyCharm said…
Your hair looks so fab! I wish I can also have my hair cut in any way I desire but then I have a naturally wavy and frizzy hair hence I only have limited choices of hair styles that I can wear. When I had my hair cut short earlier this year, I had to have it rebounded because my hair SUCKS!
You look pretty with any hairstyle at any length Sarah!
sarah tirona said…
thank you peachy! its them! hahaha not me, my hair is so thick! pag different stylist i end up looking like a bobble head pag short :P
Rhoda Fajardo said…
Your new hair looks great! I want to add this to my 2016 goals. I haven't thought of a new hairstyle/color yet. I guess I will let Juro and Rose decide when I book an appointment. I'm thinking of something daring. =)
sarah tirona said…
yay im sooo excited for you! :) daring is their specialty. they know how to make bagay your skin tone and facial features to your hair!
Danica Micah said…
Looks so good on you! <3 How much do they charge for a haircut and color? I really want to change my hair color and style. I need to do something with my dying hair. Lol