It figures that I would name this ootd after food! I have been over eating lately and I can't control it but oh well, YOLO. 

My past few days have been spent working on Beach Born and trying to write about my visit to the Uluwatu Temple in Bali but I can't seem to find the right words to begin my article, the experience was so overwhelming (in a good way, which makes it doubly difficult to justify in writing).

So I guess I might as well squeeze in a few style posts while I gather my thoughts...

promod blogger
culottes street style
These are long overdue anyway being shot last October when my hair was still longer. With summer fast approaching though, I think they're still (or again haha) relevant.

sarah tirona ootd
lace up gladiator sandals outfit
So anyway, if you're petite like me, you might have found culottes a bit challenging to pull off but don't shy away from this comfortable and VERY versatile style option just yet.


  • Length. Culottes come in different lengths, if your petite it's best to stick with those that fall just beneath the knee, longest you can pull off is probably mid calf, shy away from those that fall close to the ankles
  • Cut. At all costs, avoid those that are wide and go down stiffly in a straight line. Instead, shop for slimmer cuts or those that mimic a midi skirt.
  • Fabric. Just like the cut, avoid stiff fabrics, instead choose soft ones that suggest movement.

sarah tirona ootd
olive culottes street style

  • Walk tall
  • Heels. If you can't be bothered like me, go for shoes that are open and not too busy. Ballet flats also work well. Just nothing that hugs the ankle. I chose lace-up gladiators cause they train the eye to move upwards.
  • ***Sneakers won't do much to elongate your figure but if you're after the quirky/avant-garde/Japanese street style look, then a pair of Stan Smiths would look really cute.
  • Keep your top minimal. Sleek lines and nothing too frilly.

sarah tirona ootd
how to wear culottes for petites

I've found some great, flattering options in Unqilo, Stradivarius and SM Woman. All cost less than 2k.

sarah tirona ootd
tan fringe jacket street style
sarah tirona ootd
where to buy culottes for petites
OUTFIT DETAILS: Uniqlo Culottes | Topshop Tank | Zara Fringe Cardi | Mango Gladiator Sandals | Promod Bucket Bag | Rayban Clubmasters


Charleys Mommy said…
ang saya!! :) Parang I wanna go shopping na tuloy. :) thanks for sharing, mommy. :)
michisolee said…
I'm petite and thanks for the tips. I'll check culottes in Uniqlo. :)
May De Jesus-Palacpac said…
I used to have a petite frame, ngayon hindi na, haha. But you look amazing. I love the brown.
Berlin Maynigo said…
Used to be petite, too. Now with four boys, Hahaha-- still small but gained weight. But the yellow top and culottes are just perfect! Ganda sa yo. Ihihi.
Hi Nikola! I love your mustard top, where did you get it? I wasn't familiar with culottes I was like what are those?! But they look great on you! Well-put outfit!

Oh and hello fellow entrepreneur! I checked out your Sea Salt Spray and I'm interested to stock it at my lifestyle brand, Tavolozza. Site will be up soon! www.tavolozzaph.com :) would love to get in touch with you sometime!

Iris @ Earth Love Skin
Mommy Pehpot said…
You're not petite! I mean judging from your photo ha

but wait! no details about the bag? I'm interested! haha
sarah tirona said…
hahaha i am, im only 5'1 :P bag is from promod :)
sarah tirona said…
hey iris, nikola is actually my daughter, im sarah :) top is from topshop, tnx for dropping by! :)
sarah tirona said…
i've been wondering a lot lately what it's like to have boys...seems fun! thank you!
sarah tirona said…
hahaha go, while everything is still on sale! :)
nadia de leon said…
I remember my sister wore culottes during her teen days. Bumalik sa uso! I agree with Mommy Pehpot, I'm in love with that brown bag you're carrying!
Oh sorry to have confused that! Hello Sarah! I noticed you invest in branded pieces. Thanks for the info btw! Speak to you sometime on business c:
Maan Laxa said…
I would love to wear culottes but don't know if I can pull them off! Thanks so much for these tips.
Wow, didn't know culottes could look good on petite women too. I'm petite too, but preggy right now, so I guess the culottes will have to wait (if it's still in style after I give birth in June.) Thanks for the fashion tips Sarah!
Denice Joyce Diaz said…
Interesting take on culottes. Not a big fashion risk taker though but maybe I'll try sometime. :)
Jaclyn Chua-Park said…
These look beautiful on you! Wish I were petite too..thanks for sharing!
I super love the color and the whole outfit!
Anna Plaida said…
love your cardigan :-)
Melisa Centino Sanchez said…
Super like your clothes sis, I think kahit anong get-up bagay na bagay naman sayo, you looks more beautiful on this outfit.