Gadget are the best unisex, all-year round present! Agree?

This Valentine's day, gift your significant other these fun and useful gizmos with special discounts from Digits Trading!

First up...the Titan Loop!

february deals at beyond the box
the fuse titan look key chain cable
Who else here has spent a small fortune on Apple chargers? I know I have and I find it super irritating cause those things don't come cheap.

The Fuse Chicken Titan Loop Key Chain Cable is the answer to all our problems.

It uses two layers of flexible high-strength steel to surround the inner cables and its permanently sealed and held together with a one-piece housing fused over the electronics and metal cabling. That means it won’t break or snap under the pressure of everyday use. This 25-centimeter cable also functions as a key loop so you can bring it anywhere with you. Simply connect the little adapter at the USB-end to the Lightning-end to complete the loop.



For some reason I never really understood, most of my guy friends have a fixation for little pouches. It seems they never run out of little things to put it in them...

But honestly, it's not just them, I admit to owning a couple too. :P

If your S.O. is anything like that, then he will love the Batt Pack 101.

february deals at beyond the box
batt pack 10
The BATT PACK is made from ballistic nylon - I'm a sucker for anything military sounding hehe - AND  IT ALSO COMES WITH A REMOVABLE 3000 mAh USB battery! It has dedicated pockets for cards, earphones, and phone cables. The pack also comes with a detachable industrial strength carabiner that attaches easily to backpacks, suitcases, and more!

Function 101_2
batt pack 101

Last, what I really, really want and what I'm sure everyone else does too.

And I swear!!!!!!
Kicking myself for not knowing about this before I spent money on a new camera :((

That's only P833/month for the sport variant (which is the one I'm really looking to buy..maybe I still will. hahaha why not gift myself this Valentine's I love me anyway... sorry brain-farting, but really. gaaaaah!)

february deals at beyond the box
cheap apple watch for sale philippines

PARTICIPATING BANKS:  Metrobank, Citibank, Security Bank, PNB, BPI, and East West Bank credit cardholders

PARTICIPATING BOUTIQUES: Beyond The Box at One Rockwell, Resorts World Manila, Lucky Chinatown Mall, Robinsons Galleria, Robinsons Ermita, Century City Mall, and Uptown Mall

And guess what? They'll even throw in a FREE Speck Candyshell Apple Watch Case with every purchase of the Apple Watch.


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Mommy QueenElizabeth said…
Hala! This is good news! The apple watch that i've been wanting to get at 0% interest? I think i'll be getting that with my metrobank card.. Thank you for sharing this!
Berlin Maynigo said…
Finally a reliable cable for my mobile phone. i go for the first on the list.
Marie San Luis said…
Yes, those apple cables have always been a pain, so this is definitely good news.
Ma.Me.Mi.Mommy said…
Apple cables, ugh! Great list! :)
Gracie Maulion said…
Wow! The Apple Watch & Cables - I'm sure hubby will love these items.
TweenselMom said…
I wish to have that Apple watch!
Mommy Kach said…
Great list but that USB cable though! Looks really sturdy.
Madz said…
Great products! Too bad they're way out of our budget!
May De Jesus-Palacpac said…
Ay totoo! My husband is into small bags and pouches too! In fact, he carries around this ugly little sling thingy haha
I like that battery pack, but already bought my powerbank from TCAT, it's solar powered too which is perfect for the jungle and islands when I go backpacking. But - that Apple watch is a steal for less than $20 a month! Kaso I still don't know what's up with Apple watches and the frenzy that surrounds them. :p haha. Hope you get yours soon Sarah, though!

Iris @ Earth Love Skin
I would love to have the titan loop! Its perfect for travel! And the apple watch too! It looks nice to add in my collection hehehe.

Mhaan | mommyrockininstyle.com
Robylei Leonor said…
i hate it when cords get tangled up. i think that titan loop could definitely help me out on this one. thanks!
Mayu xx said…
Definitely that Fuse Chicken Titan Loop Key Chain Cable will make you save more than buying another Apple charger lol
Denice Joyce Diaz said…
The Fuse Chicken Titan Loop Key Chain sounds great!
Really love the items here but I don't have much budget to work around with. Hahaha. Perhaps in the future, I'll consider upgrading some of our gadgets.