After a grueling flight where we almost died....

Wow, what an intro but seriously, we didn't have to jump into the water/brace ourselves or anything like that but we did have to emergency land in Mactan before heading to Tagbilaran because of poor visibility. After landing in Cebu, our too honest pilot had to mention that we almost missed that runway too. WOW.

Sorry, I could't begin this post without first telling you guys about that. It was pretty exciting...
But anyway, after almost half a day in the plane instead of just 1 hour 15, we finally landed in Bohol for Nivea's Summer Kick Off 2016!



Why go through all the trouble of flying a hundred bloggers/media and personalities all the way to Bohol just for an event.

Immersion. That's what I think. 

And maybe thanksgiving? Haha. But you know, these things work.

Skincare is a pretty technical subject. 
Can you tell me the science behind your product and why you continue to use it? Probably not, cause I can't either for 80% of the stuff I use.

That's where these blog trips come in, so I can help you make conscious AND smart decisions. 


Looking back, I think these trips are more "conferences/seminars" sprinkled with festivities on top to make it look otherwise. Not saying I don't enjoy them though. They're SUPER tiring but equally fun.

First stop for the day was a late lunch at...



Where oddly enough, I didn't spot a single bee. :P
(Maybe they were located on the opposite side of where we were...)


Food was fantastic though and the view amazing...


Right after lunch we were taken to the Pavilion for briefing and Q&A's with NIVEA SUN's research and development representative.

  1. Higher SPF doesn't mean better protection. In fact the highest recommended by the FDA is 50SPF.
  2. Cloudy days don't require SPF protection.
  3. Sunscreen blocks Vitamin D. You don't need prolonged hours under the sun to get your Vit D fix. Accidental sun exposure can get it done.
  4. Chemicals in Sun Screen do more harm than good. (I cross-checked this just to be safe but it's true). No conclusive tests to suggest that sunblock cause cancer.
  5. Dark skin can skip sunscreen. NO.
  6. Most sunscreens only protect against UVB rays (burning rays) and not UVA (ageing rays).
  7. The amount of sunscreen you use doesn't matter. It does, you need a jigger full for even protection.
  8. Waterproof Sunscreen provides "all-day protection". Not true. Some are hardier than others but still won't last all day.


These points were further dissected via a series of demonstrations which pitted Nivea against other popular sunblock brands.

And I'm not saying this just because I was invited (you can try the experiments yourself at home)....
But NIVEA far outperformed the other brands.

It sticks better to your skin and blocks the sun's UVA AND UVB rays 80% more.


To check wether or not we were listening, we were divided into groups for a fun trivia quiz and photo challenge...

My team, B5, lost the 1st leg but....



Time to put Nivea Sun to the test with a series of water and beachside activities held at Bohol Beach Club.



  • Go on a Banana Boat and retrieve floating Nivea balls in the ocean
  • Paddle on a water bee and dive to retrieve Nivea flags
  • Obstacle course
  • Shoot frisbees into 3 hoops


After spending all that time under the sun....

NO SUNBURN. Just a nice-looking tan to add to my already super tan skin. hehe


Since we finished ahead of schedule, we had free time the rest of the day to finally be able to enjoy the beach and hotel amenities without any structured activities. HOORAY!

I chose to spend it sunbathing and chilling with my friends.


I love baking but I hate sunburn so I kept these NIVEA UV sensitive dolls next to me to remind me to re-apply my sunscreen. Super cute, huh? Watch out for these babies, I hope they make them available to the public soon. Your kids will love it and maybe, just maybe, make it easier for us moms to convince them to apply some sunblock before heading out.

I passed mine over to Nikola. It found it's permanent place in front of our window facing the sun. Hahaha.


To further block harsh rays form the sun, make sure to wear a swimsuit that provides UV sun protection.


| neoprene one-piece swimsuit by ROXY |

For more on Nivea's Summer Kick-Off 2016, connect with Nivea Philippines via Instagram (@NiveaPhils) or follow the hashtag: #NIVEASunProtects

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Mommy QueenElizabeth said…
Wow! Such a fun and joyous event in a very lovely place! I love your swimmies by the way! ;-)
Cheryl F said…
So jealous! I'm sure bawing-bawi ang flight experience with the entire event. Can't wait to go back to Bohol. Love your swimswear by the way.
Mommy Pehpot said…
100 media people?!? ang bongga ng Nivea!
Lady Anne Louise ☺♥ said…
Such a wonderful experience. I do love Nivea products. One of the trusted brand I know.
Maria Louisa Mae P. Mercado said…
What a great experience! Sun protection is really important nowadays especially with climate change and all that.
Looks fun! Nivea seems like a reliable go to product this summer.
Ang saya! But were you serious about that half day travel instead of the 1.15 hours? How come? XD
Nini Perez said…
Very informative! And fun! Would love to be part of something like this. ♡ the dolls
Berlin Maynigo said…
What a fun way to introduce a product. Enjoyed looking into the pictures. Ihihi.
Watched this fun event in Youtube (from Say) and ang galing nung doll ha namula talaga hehe. Love your swimsuit!
Charleys Mommy said…
Ang saya! :) it'll be great to be part of events like this. :) Thanks for sharing. :)
Whew! I learned a lot from this entry! Nice layout by the way. It seems everyone is updating their blog this year... yey!