What do you get when you mix sporty, boho, preppy and luxe into one single outfit?


There are days when I wake up and I just feel like mixing things up - go crazy - push limits - wear whatever. If I could head out straight in my pajamas, I would...

Maybe that's a sign to go out and shop for some cute pj's! Hehe...

f21 striped sleeve tee
So how did I come up with this look? I really don't know...I don't remember.

I just throw stuff together sometimes and get lucky.

Some of you might think it's too much? Magulo? :P But that's what I love about it.

How unexpected the pairings are. It's makes it look a little more interesting and "un-boring" for me.

sarah tirona
It's so much easier to just throw a sweater or a button down oxford in with this plaid skirt but where's the fun in that?!

Same is true with the shirt. I could easily wear it with shorts/jeans or leggings instead but whyyyyy??? Hehe

Anyway...that's all.

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promod ph blogger
shot via self timer on fuji xm1

f21 shirt | zara skirt and shoes | promod bucket bag | rayban clubmaster | hair: beach born beachwaves (@beachbornph)


Mommy QueenElizabeth said…
I like the skirt and the shoes! Well, sometimes it pays to be playful with your wardrobe.. You nailed that style though! Parang chill chill lang... :-D
Ellona said…
Love the outfit! :)
Inez said…
Cute, cute, cute look. Usual, yes. Boring, no. Those pastel lemon-y shoes are fab!
Mommy Mecheel said…
The shoes rock the outfit! Unusual? Nope.. You are really good in mixing outfit and inventing styles Sis...=)
Berlin Maynigo said…
You are so cute! And I love the shoes.
Mommy Pehpot said…
eh why not if you look a lot younger on that OOTD :)
Denice Joyce Diaz said…
Great ensemble!
Still pretty naman! Sometimes i do mixing my clothes din then ended up na maganda pala siya. Love your heels!

Mhaan | mommyrockininstyle.com
Maria Louisa Mae P. Mercado said…
Looks great and you definitely pull it off!
I love the plaid skirt! The two work well together. :)
Lady Anne Louise ☺♥ said…
You look like 20 something on your outfit.
jared's mum said…
not the usual pair but it does work! i love the skirt! ^_^