Hello, my name is Sarah and I have been a smoker for 23 years. How much do I smoke? Let's just say it's the first and last thing I do on a daily basis. I relate everything with smoking. Good song? Light one up! Stressed? Light one up! Great convo? Light Ittttt! Constipated, yes by all means LIGHT - UP - AS - MANY - AS - YOU -  NEED!!!

Why did a dedicated smoker like me agree to try something like this? LOVE....


acuquit review

(insert funny/sad cry here)

But seriously, yes. 

Unlike other quitters, I don't want to quit...I don't have to quit. SO WHY AM I QUITTING?

I was approached with this offer a few weeks before I left for Malaysia. The PR for Contours sent me a message asking me if I'd be willing to try ACUQUIT for free in exchange of a review.

Since I'm the type who'll try anything once and since I had nothing to lose (Hey, I could try it and just return to smoking if it doesn't work), I said yes. This time I wasn't worried since there wasn't any real pressure to quit. I just had to try a procedure. If it works, good, if not, fine.



It's laser acupuncture designed to curb cravings associated with smoking by targeting different nicotine acu points in the body.


Shortly after arriving back from Malaysia, shit hit the fan. I was procrastinating, not booking a date for my appointment.


Dennis had been suffering from a cough and sore throat ever since our trip to Hong Kong last December so he decided to finally have it checked. They found a tear in his larynx which needed to be addressed and cured as soon as possible to prevent it from turning into cancer.

The only way to cure it is by changing diet, avoiding alcohol and QUITTING SMOKING...

Smokers would know that it is almost impossible to stop if you're partner still continues on with the habit so to support his efforts and help nurse him back to health, I have agreed to do the unthinkable...

After over 2 decades of being a loyal smoker, I'm throwing in the towel...

Albeit, reluctantly...

acuquit review

March 11, 2016

I made my way towards, Contours in Paseo de Magallanes for our 2pm appointment. I was supposed to have the procedure done in Megamall but theyre machine conked out just a few days before my scheduled treatment so I had to do it in this branch instead.

acuquit reviewacuquit review

Upon arrival, I was asked to fill up this smoking cessation form. After, I was ushered into a private room for pre-treatment counseling.

acuquit review

This is where you are asked to answer questions regarding your addiction, etc.

(I forgot to mention finishing up the rest of my pack before making my way up. hehe)

acuquit review

My doctor was nice and patiently answered all my questions about the procedure, acupuncture and withdrawals. I was also given this info kit:

acuquit review

Cold laser will be applied to different acupuncture points found on your ear, face, leg, head and hands via an apparatus that looks like a pen.

acuquit review

 This is what the room looks like...

acuquit review
acuquit review

You'll be asked to hold on to a strip of plastic which is supposed to act like a conductor while the doctor applies the laser to different acupuncture points.

  1. How long does the treatment take? About an hour, 1 minute of laser per acupuncture point.
  2. How much? P12,000 with free boosters in case you relapse.
  3. Does it hurt? Very tolerable, feels like a needle being pressed against your skin without actually puncturing it.


acuquit review


I wish I had a better answer for this but right now, I don't. The laser treatment is supposed to curb your cravings but I still crave pretty badly. Could be more mental than physical, I'm not sure...All I'm saying is that it's HARD. TOUGH.

Some good news though, I've been smoke-free for more than 48 hours!

acuquit review

Disclaimer: my treatment was sponsored but we had to pay for Dennis's package.

I hope this works out in the end, not just for us but for the thousands of smokers out there who've been wanting to quit but haven't been able to because of their extreme addiction. I do think this could work, if not for the actual laser acupuncture involved but because of  the regret you might feel after paying such a big amount. It's gotta work goddammit! haha

Follow my progress! #SAVESARAH

And check out my daily VLOG on what it's like to quit smoking HERE

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MsEarth Rullan said…
Good job Sarah congrats on deciding to quit, I do hope it works... Or we'll you have the will to make it work :)
Maan Laxa said…
Woohoo I'm rooting for you! I used to chain-smoke, too, but I just stopped one day, cold-turkey. Aside from supplements, it's strong self-motivation that works!
Alex Carpio ⚓ said…
So much feels for smokers who try to quit! I've also been a smoker for more than a decade. I had my first baby last year and a month or two after giving birth, I couldn't help it anymore and went back to smoking. Then my partner decided to quit because of the baby. I too tried to quit but its soooooooooooo hard!

I've switched to vaping now. People say it still has nicotine, BUT at least the smoke smells good now. :P

I wish I have the money to do this. :P Good job and Good luck! Will definitely follow you on this one!
Berlin Domingo said…
Of course you can and you will eventually enjoy not having any cigarettes. Good luck and can't wait to read more progress report here :)
Nheng said…
Kaya mu yan! Go Go Go Sarah!
Congratulation on finally deciding to quit smoking! Hey, it's for a healthier you and good luck. Crossing my fingers it works.
Denice Joyce Diaz said…
I used to smoke a lot too, around a pack per day. But when I got preggo and decided to exclusively breast feed my daughter I stopped. I'm still in the process of making hubby quit, one stick a day. :)
Madz said…
I think it's great that you're quitting.I hope it'll help you for good.
Nina Sogue said…
I hope you can make this work. Rooting for you. Aja! :)
animetric said…
Good luck Sarah! I know you can do it! :)
Michelle Adriano said…
Go go go Sarah! My husband is a smoker, too. Then I gave him vape as my birthday gift to him want him badly to quit smoking, too. I know he wants to quit din but it really is tough to fight the "craving" feeling.

So far, he hasn't light up a single stick since the time he switched on to vaping. Though vape has nicotine, at least it's not as much as what's in the cigarette stick. He even told me na sana after a year, hindi na rin sya nagve-vape. So I know may willingness to quit.

You go girl! Kaya mo yan! God bless! :)
Emiliana said…
Way to go, Sarah. I quit smoking smoking 15 years ago and I'm glad I did.
Ma.Me.Mi.Mommy said…
I'd recommend this to my FIL if it works for you. He smokes too much for his own good.