What does a rice cooker, image stabilization, smartphones and bluetooth earphones have in common?

They're all modern conveniences that have crept into my life as essentials. Things I at first thought I could live without and then realized, why???

If it makes our stressful lives easier then why the hell not?!  :P

blueant pump mini review

Meet the latest addition to this list...

Why the sudden transition into wireless?

I'm one of those people who can't leave the house without a pair of earphones in my bag. I listen to music all day, 24/7 especially when I need to travel/commute by myself. At night, it's either an audiobook or Netflix.

It's even MORE important for me when I work out... 
(Which I stopped doing for a few months due to travel and a busy schedule but I noticed myself getting a bit pudgy and soft so...here I am again, trying....hehe). But I've been super lazy to do it WHICH makes the right kind of music with the RIGHT BPM measure an essential to help me keep things going.

It was during one of these workout sessions when I realized that wired earphones simply won't do.

blueant pump mini review

Imagine this... I was getting into position, my heart was beginning to race, I was moving to the beat of a song and then the wire of my headphones got caught while I was doing some arm movements, earbud feel out of my ear, music gone, plus precious moments wasted while I fiddled to replace it back in my ear.

It can get so frustrating especially when it happens repeatedly! Seriously!

Can you feel my frustration? I hope so because the struggle is real.

blueant pump mini review

And that's why I've come to love these earphones by BlueAnt ♡

blueant pump mini review

A full charge takes about 1 hour and provides up to 6 hours playing time!

blueant pump mini review

Each kit comes with 3 sizes of ear cushions to ensure a perfect fit for any user.

blueant pump mini review

  • Forget having to reach for your phone to answer calls or change music. Blueant Pump Mini Earphones come with a microphone + a built-in touch control system that allows you to easily do all these things while on the go ~ even when your phone is out of reach or buried somewhere deep in your bag (a common problem I encounter during travels).
  • Long battery life
  • Superb sound. These are loud. Capable enough to shut the world out so you can concentrate more on your movements. (you may have to adjust your equalizer settings slightly for certain kinds of music but no biggie)
  • Sweatproof! ☼
  • Stays lodged in your ear even after bouncing around and running for hours.
  • Super comfortable.
  • Unobtrusive.

blueant pump mini review

I got this several months ago and it took me quite awhile to write a review because of the price tag. At P4750, I wanted it justified (you know how some of these just conk out after a few months...) so I tested it under different conditions, used it on all of my travels, and really just abused it as much as I can.

blueant pump mini honest review

What did I find? They're a sturdy pair of earphones! The wiring is good. I just chuck it in my bag or pants pocket without giving it a second thought, I pull it out roughly as well. I never babied my pair but it still looks good and works extremely well.

blueant pump mini honest review

If you're looking for a good pair of earphones to accompany your workouts and travels this summer season, I highly recommend these.

For the guys, they also come in more masculine colors. ☠

Even if you're not working out, these are also great for strolling under the hot sun on the beach.

BLUEANT PUMP MINI EARPHONES are distributed by Digits Trading and can be found at all Beyond The Box and Digital Walker shops nationwide.

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Berlin Domingo said…
I always believe it's safest and wisest to invest on more expensive things, in your case the earphones, as they will last definitely longerrrrr. And upon hearing there's a pair for the male specie, might as well buy my husband one. He loves earphones.
Jane Timbol said…
Too expensive for an ear phone but you did a great review that make me wanna have them.
Katrina said…
This would be nice! but might consider it because it's too expensive for an earphone :(
Great review! ang cute pa ng color ng earphones!
jared's mum said…
too pricey for a pair of earphones, yes, but worth every penny for all its features. a great companion for runners or other sports enthusiasts!
Kristina Estacio Villa said…
Wireless earphones are the best. Love the hot pink color :)
May De Jesus-Palacpac said…
These look very nice to have. And wireless, too? Really nice. Would love to own a pair.