RECURRING THOUGHT NO #1: I want to have a cigarette...Should I go buy a pack of cigarettes...
RECURRING THOUGHT NO #2: This is so difficult, I should've asked for a hefty talent fee before agreeing to do this...(hahaha)
RECURRING THOUGHT NO #3: Is Dennis gonna relapse? (combined with wishful thinking he does so I can too...)

how to quit smoking

All I can say is fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk! It's so hard guys. I swear.

After a day of not smoking, withdrawals have started to kick in and I've got them pretty bad. Dennis is also trying to quit but the physical toll on me is way harsher.

Its not fair. Where he seems to be cruising through the entire process, I find myself groping.

  • Mood Swings....almost crying for a cigarette and extremely short patience
  • Itch + Rashes....just like those heroin addicts you see in movies going through withdrawals. Dave Chappelle? Tyrone? Yup, that's pretty accurate. lol
  • Nausea + Dizziness - ironically enough, kinda feels like an extremely mild drug overdose
  • Exhaustion. Guys I am asleep at 9pm! wtf?
  • I can't focussss.
  • Sad.
I think I'm experiencing all known withdrawal symptoms and then some.

Sometimes it's funny. After watching me, I find me pathetic but there are moments when it gets really trying....Think panic attack levels and the only thing I have to keep me sane are candies and lollipops, LOTS of them. I go through them like potato chips.

Will I be able to get through this? Are you trying to quit as well?  What are your methods for coping?