Hello and welcome to WanderLine 2016....

I'm sure a lot of you who were there can relate. I spent half the set of Naked and Famous waiting in line for my food and then I just couldn't take it anymore. I apologized and left Dennis to wait as I rushed to the front of the stage to catch the intro of Rolling Waves....♡

Under ordinary circumstances I would be pissed off my mind...BUT...


The music was just too good to entertain any sort of bad vibes. It was such a nice and liberating  "welcome home to Manila" after spending a week in a Muslim country.

I was late for San Cisco :(( which got me really heartbroken because they were in my top 3 bands to watch (I blame it on the traffic...bug surprise there) but it was more than awesome to still be able to catch CRWN and Jess Connelly, Naked and Famous, Bon Iver, and Deathcab For Cutie live!

I have to say, overall, this year's line up was probably one of the best!

About what I'm wearing....

I know I had all these suggestions here, but this happened just a day after I arrived from Malaysia. Still had to unpack not only that suitcase but also the bag I took with me to Baler prior.

So I got lazy and grabbed the first couple of things I could find that were comfortable and "okay to get dirty". I figured my "moon shoes and moon backpack" (from monki) made up more than enough for my uninspiring outfit.

I'm making excuses now....the truth is, I just really wanted to watch.

For me, festivals aren't about me and what I'm wearing, it's about the music, the scene, and the experience.

(so kems. hehe)

So anyway, the grounds of Circuit Makati were transformed into a space theme by Globe, complete with luminous charging stations and rocket ship-shaped buildings.

The set-up was pretty amazing and impressive.

Whimsical enough for you to feel transported into a different land...until it's time to line up again.

Then you crash brutally back to earth. Seriously.

I still want a P250 refund from CHICKEN AND RAINBOWS.

I took that queue because it was the shortest. Lord, God! It took me like more than an hour to get to the front of the line and then another half an hour or more to get served.

It was also a rip-off. Sign said extra large chicken and fries which turned to chicken and corn and finally when it was our turn, just plain soggy fried chicken in a brown bag.

In my opinion, they shouldn't hire amateurs for events of this magnitude.

Not surprisingly, the food stalls didn't serve any water so we had to line up again for drinks. This time I timed it right after the Naked and Famous set hoping to make it back to our camp for Bon Iver.

That also took us about an hour or so.

I had other friends there who just resorted to being sober the entire night because they couldn't stand lining up a second time. It was pretty traumatic but we had a plan.

Loaded P1000 into our tap bands and finished it all up on beer in one go. 
(we were wanderland rich! finally! hahaha)

That was the easy part....

The hard part was carrying 4 glasses each + water and trying to set it down without spilling.

I was laughing at our greed. It got pretty hilarious trying to get back on the ground with hands full but we finally figured it out...

And that's when we finally got to relax and enjoy the festival.

Naked and Famous was so good, they played so clean...almost felt like you were listening to a recorded version.

Alisa was also really engaging but

For me, the highlight of the night was Bon Iver.

His set was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!

Goosebumps level amazing. One of those artists able to convey strong emotions that can travel through thousands by song. That sounds lame but really. Omigod, do I dare compare him to Dave Matthews...

So so good.

When it got too much, there was always the TOMS booth to go back to and hang for free coffee and some shopping. They also had this cool virtual reality gizmo that made it possible for us to experience a TOMS GIVING TRIP first hand.

toms wanderland 2016
So to sum it all up, the lining up sucked but the music made it worthwhile.

Next year, let's hope for even more drink and food stations.

For your viewing pleasure and because it's our new hobby, we made a short video of our experience. Hope you like!

shot by me and @denciosy using a DJI Osmo bought from Henry's Professional

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Nheng said…
I saw a lot of post from my friend on her IG regarding this event, and she really did enjoyed it.
Berlin Domingo said…
I like the four glasses plus water part. I can totally relate when you did some silly things with friends. You ended up laughing and so proud of your own silliness. Hihihi.
TheMissusV said…
I love music festivals! The last one I attended was HyperWonderland sponsored by Globe here in Cebu. Had a blast! :)
momsterteacher said…
I feel so uncool not being able to relate. The last time I attended a rock concert was probably a decade ago pa!
Nina Sogue said…
Wow, this looks fun! Too bad I missed this :(
Ma.Me.Mi.Mommy said…
Looked like a fun one! :)
Denice Joyce Diaz said…
What a fun event!
Looks like you really had fun! I love your outfit btw! :)
Melisa Centino Sanchez said…
wow what a fun fun event! ang galing naman.