Men are the hardest to gift. Agree? They either want nothing or something really expensive...like a Ferrari, a boat, a Strat or maybe an Audemar.

Father's Day 2016 is fast approaching. I feel your pain and panic. I was there once but now,"I've seen the light and I'm here to help." :P 

SO if you find yourself stumped for ideas, read on!

(And this doesn't involve shelling out millions OR tens of thousands but I'm pretty sure it'll make them feel just as happy and loved.)

Meet Dennis. Our Papa Du Jour...

uniqlo fathers day 2016


Dennis is a typical guy. 

  • The kind of guy who answers with a smile and "Nothing." when you ask him what they want while secretly hoping you'd have the same reply when it's their turn to shop for you.
  • The kind of guy who hates shopping.
  • The kind of guy who chooses to wear crappy old band shirts instead of designer shirts despite owning quite an enviable handful courtesy of well-meaning relatives.
  • The kind of guy who classifies shorts as casual, jeans as formal.
  • The kind of guy who isn't saccharine but will go to the ends of the world to protect you.
That's my Dennis. Equal parts annoying and lovable. Extremely hard to gift. Until now.

See the orange shirt up there? That's one of Uniqlo's Dry Pique Polo Shirts - AND HE BOUGHT THAT ALL BY HIMSELF! That's a big deal. This guy is allergic to spending his own money for clothes.

It all started when I made him pasalubong with one. The guy fell in love. He's been buying them weekly in all colors and prints. And now that's pretty much all he has in his closet + jeans and shorts.

So when Uniqlo contacted me to check out their offerings for Father's Day, it seriously felt like a thorn was removed from my side.

uniqlo fathers day 2016


I'll tell you because I know exactly what it is! 
Uniqlo is basic. 
Classic and masculine cuts with just the right amount of trend injected in to still make the clothes look current while at the same time providing enough room in their shorts to keep them feeling "macho".

For regular dudes, extra tapered + skinny/slim = extra effeminate.

I don't get their logic either but that's how the cookie crumbles. 

This to them is like what GUCCI 2016 is for us. So read and pay attention.

1. THE BIG SHIRT - only P790 in basic colors that they can mindlessly match with their beloved shorts and still look trendy cause of the slightly updated cut.

uniqlo fathers day 2016uniqlo fathers day 2016 
This one might be a bit of a stretch but if you give them the right amount of lambing, they just might give in to wearing it out for a nice dinner. If they still refuse, take them someplace cold, like Hong Kong and leave the hoodie behind. :P

uniqlo fathers day 2016

To make up for the sports coat, get them several of these...

Their "can't-live-without" shorts!

My favorite: the Roll-up 3/4 cargo:

uniqlo fathers day 2016

But they also have these regular garterized cargos which I'm sure they'll love even more! Especially since they only cost P790:

uniqlo fathers day 2016

With lots of colors to choose from. One for each day of the week. Haha

uniqlo fathers day 2016 
For the golfers and the more outdoorsy type or the fashion risk-takers (haha) - get these.

Really nice DRY EX stretch shorts in camo and khaki.

They not only keep the sweat away but also the asim stench from sports.

uniqlo fathers day 2016

Another must-have in their closet? Good undershirts and none can get better than these AirISM tops.

uniqlo fathers day 2016

Not only are they lightweight, they also keep the wearer fresh and dry.

uniqlo fathers day 2016uniqlo fathers day 2016 
Best worn under UNIQLO's Easy Care Oxford Long Sleeve Shirts which I forgot to take a picture off out of sheer excitement and wanting one for myself too. :P

Why? Because they're made of fine Oxford fabric and are WRINKLE-RESISTANT!!!!

And they only cost about P1290* each.

These are what I ended up getting for him; A little bit of everything and a whole lot of happy:

  1. White arisim undershirt
  2. Dry Ex shirt
  3. 3/4 cargo shorts
  4. 2 leather belts (1 black, 1 brown)
  5. Another Dry Pique Polo (cause they have new colors!)
  6. White easy care oxford shirt
  7. and a Hat...cause I couldn't resist.

uniqlo fathers day

I was done in less than an hour with time left for myself to shop the weekly sale! :P

What did I get me?

Stay tuned for my next OOTD post. :)

uniqlo fathers day 2016

No matter what kind of husband/father you have, I'M SURE HE'LL FIND SOMETHING (s) TO LOVE FROM UNIQLO.

So save yourself the headache and head to a branch nearest you while they still have sizes in stock.

For more info, visit: 
www.uniqlo.com/ph and @uniqlophofficial