It's already such an honor in itself to be considered a "driven woman". 

Even better when it comes with a free shopping spree from one of your favorite brands!

How can you say no to that?! Problem was, the event was held the same day as a full errands day. I had to do so much that I couldn't reschedule.

Normally, I would already say no to the event organizer. As you may well have noticed, I hardly attend events anymore unless it's a brand I really really love.

SM WOMAN is a brand I really really love so even if I was harassed and totally pressed for time, I still made it a point to show up.

Problem was....

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5 minute outfit by SM Woman

The problem was, we were only given 'til 5pm to shop for our head to toe looks because the fashion show was scheduled to begin shortly after.

I had to finish a couple of work errands and pick up my Japan Visa in Dusit first before heading to SM Makati so I ended up getting there at 4:55pm.

That's just 5 minutes to shop an change into an entirely new head to toe outfit (shoes, clothes and accessories!?!)

Yes nakakataranta. Hahaha.

So what did I pick out in 5 - 10 minutes? Yes I went a bit over cause the dressing room lines were so long...

5 minute outfit by SM Woman

This black LBD! I initially wanted an outfit made of separates and layers (pants, jacket/vest, blouse, etc.) para sulit (haha) but the moment I laid eyes on this dress, I was a goner. 

Gorgeous fabric + couture worthy details!

5 minute outfit by SM Woman

Sexy, sophisticated and powerful. Few LBD's can convey this message all at once but this one does, don't you think?

5 minute outfit by SM Woman5 minute outfit by SM Woman5 minute outfit by SM Woman

More from SM Woman's new #IAmDriven collection HERE

ps. they're on SALE!!!

photos by @anagon

SM Woman Dress | SM Parisian Shoes | Jewelry by SM Accessories


Glaiza Binayas said…
You look gorgeous with the dress!! 😍