A gorgeous cashmere sweater for just P500 bucks! This has probably got to be my most favorite sale find from H&M so far...

Although I've been making my life easier by being extra selective about the things I buy lately (only fuss-free classics that'll still look good 10 years from now), I still can't help but browse through the sales.

It's too tempting.

Most of the time daunting and littered with trendy pieces but sometimes you get lucky and score finds like this sweater!

More bargains within this outfit after the jump!

sarah tirona

Aside from the sweater, everything else I'm wearing here I also consider to be a bargain that'll last me years.

This midi skirt from SM Woman that I have worn over and over again. Despite talks on fast fashion, this still looks as good as it did when I first purchased it a year ago. To think it cost me less than 1k. Now I think I need to look for a slightly longer version.

h&m cashmere sale find

There's also this tote from Niqua which I've had for 2 years already. I don't take care of it. I stuff it full of heavy things and it's proven to be best friend for busy moms like me.
h&m cashmere sale find

Last are these flat sandals from Renegade Folk that GO WITH EVERyTHING and it coincidentally matched my NIQUA bag perfectly as well!

h&m cashmere sale find

If your cabinet is made up of blacks, whites, browns, grays and other neutrals, you can cut down dressing up time significantly. I love what I did and after months of pairing down my closet inventory, I don't miss the pieces I got rid of at all even if at the time it seemed difficult to part with.

H&M Sweater | SM Woman Skirt | Renegade Folk Sandals | Niqua Tote (Shop Online Here)


vanessa east said…
I love your top! :D

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cheekeegirl said…
I love Uniqlo too! sayang lang at wla pa sa Davao