It's like one day I woke up and then BAM! 

Suddenly, SM Woman was at the top of every woman's shopping list (including mine, of course! :P). It's amazing how they managed to climb up the high street hierarchy ladder in such little time. Just getting your foot in the door is close to impossible. Think how many foreign brands have tried and failed.

But whoever their new buyer is or whoever else is responsible for their new brand direction is doing a fantastic job because SM WOMAN just gets better and better with every new collection.

2016's #IAmDriven is the best I've seen so far.

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sm woman 2016

The new collection is perfect for the practical modern woman.

It's got all the essentials for a perfect capsule wardrobe. Neutrals in forgiving silhouettes that can easily be mixed and matched.

Pieces that can be worn for both work and play.

sm woman 2016

Cullotes, pencil skirts, tuxedo pants, sleeveless vests, jumpers, turtlenecks, classic oxfords and more.

All these kept us awe-ing and ahh-ing throughout the entire show.

sm woman 2016sm woman 2016
sm woman 2016sm woman 2016sm woman 2016sm woman 2016

But my favorite of all was the denim line...

I loved every single look that strutted down that runway.

sm woman 2016sm woman 2016

But best of all? The price range. SM Woman is probably the most affordable fashion forward label in the market today. Majority of these pieces cost less than 1k.

Pair with eye-catching accessories from SM Accessories, shoes and bags by SM Parisian and you've got yourself a runway ready look that won't break the bank.

sm woman 2016

Which one's your favorite? :)

or check out the new collection at an SM Store nearest you.


krissy said…
I love what you said about this new direction of SM Woman because I completely agree! <3