Customizing: Delivering Differentiation
Social convention today demands people use any means available to differentiate themselves from those around them.  From Facebook properties to personal websites, from mobile telephones to tattoos, people seek to customize everything they can to express who they are and how they are different from everyone else.  Could anything make more of a statement than custom jewellery?  The endless design possibilities make custom jewellery the perfect choice for self-expression and provide the road to ultimate individuality.
As Different as Those Who Wear Them
Custom jewellery pieces, luxury engagement rings are as different as the people who wear them.  Think about this for a minute.  I have often heard it said that no two snowflakes that have ever fallen have been the same.  (How anyone could know this or why it would make a hill of beans worth of difference to anyone is beyond me!)
My point is this. With all the materials available to choose from, with the flexibility of design, with the originality that stems from the flair and imagination of each person designing their unique piece, it isn’t hard to hear the echo of the singular snowflake in the world of custom jewellery.

Everyone IS Different

I have been blessed in my life to have four daughters.  For our purposes here my six year old’s desire for a crown may be somewhat out there.  My twelve year old passed on the notion of any type of custom jewellery at all, undoubtedly the opinion of some.  One of my daughters described the rather ornate design of “some kind of necklace” to include options such as silver and stones, chosen because that is what she most enjoys wearing.  The other twin, really a purist at heart, decided on a one metal ring with a fancy design in it. Why? Because she doesn’t want to wear anything else.  
Come to think of it, maybe the crown isn’t so farfetched after all.