Parisians are known for their effortless style and partiality for classic and versatile key wardrobe pieces.

Clothes and shoes that can be easily mixed, matched and worn with everything, almost everywhere.

The result? Enduring style that transcends decades. 

That's how I see Faux Pas Shoes. Not only are they practical (especially for Manila's bipolar weather), they're also cut in a classic way that flatters the feet (even if they're a bit wide like mine).

This afternoon, we got to take our ballerinas to the next level at a #CraftToCharm event held at Le Petit Soufflé.

Check out how we DIY'ed our pairs after the jump!


Introducing "JAMS" by Faux Pas...these are interchangeable charms that are compatible with their entire footwear catalog.

For a minimalist such as myself, this was already enough DIY for me.

I opted for the plain black square to match my Bordeaux colored Anouk flats (scroll down to check it out).


I immediately fell in love with the understated elegance of the Anouk which features a half inch foiled heel in silver or gold (just enough height to make your calves and ankles look slimmer).


But choices can get pretty confusing especially when there's so many pretty pairs like these to choose from:


I almost traded in my Anouk's for this blush pair...


So anyway, like I said earlier, the event was a crafting affair where we got to decorate our jams. I kept mine plain but I gotta say, I don't mind having one like Trice's:

I love how she layered edging ribbon to cover a circular jam:


Meanwhile, Faux Pas CEO sat down beside me to teach me how to interchange the jams since I guess he saw me struggling a bit..


They're easy enough to snap on but putting them in can get a bit tricky, the key is to apply pressure one end at a time and slowly squeeze it into the hole starting at the top.


This is what they look like (love Ana's nude mod-ish pair)


Here's my Anouk:

full ootd post to follow...


I've recently paired down my closet. What I love the most about Faux Pas is the variety of looks a single shoe can provide!

Also it's refreshing to be able to step into puddles without worrying about ruining my flats...the world is stressful enough as it is. (hehe)

SRP is around 2k

Check out Faux Pas at select Res | Toe | Run boutiques nationwide.


ava te-zabat said…
Ganda ng pair!! :) love the little heel
cheekeegirl said…
Ooh! I thought it's that mahalia.. buti naman..