iPhone Memory Full!?!

A nightmare when you're in the middle of something spectacular. Say a wedding, visiting a historical landmark, childbirth?! (haha)

Point is, nowadays, most of us rely on our smartphones to capture wonderful memories and the thing about memories is that sometimes, they happen in a split second. Definitely not enough time to rifle through your camera roll to choose which photos to delete.

If you've been in a similar situation before, you will want to "read more".

ibrary by ye!! review

The iBrary is a handy little storage device that allows you to add an extra 32GB to your iPhone's memory.

  • A must have for 16GB iPhone users because with app sizes these days, that amount of storage really won't cut it.

  • Great to have for 64GB and up iPhones for peace of mind. Especially if you like to have a lot of music and videos at your disposal.

ibrary by ye!! review 1 
I don't really trust "clouds" and other types of online storage (because hey, we really have no control over what happens to our files over there), I prefer to have it in my hands, tangible.

Especially during travel when wifi/mobile internet is not always available.

ibrary for travel
What I love most about the iBrary aside from its size is how easy it is to navigate with the app!

It's free on the App Store!

It has a simple and straightforward yet efficient interface:


Moving files from your phone to the iBrary only takes a few clicks.

Once you connect it to you iPhone, you will receive permission from the app to access your photos:

ibrary tutorial

Just click yes then access your camera roll via the app and select which photos you want to move:

ibrary review

You can even organize them into different folders:

ibrary review1

Once you've selected photos, just click the little "copy icon" found at the bottom right of your screen and the app does everything for you!

Once photos are successfully transferred, you may now delete from your iPhone!

ibrary review 2

Need to get some photos back?

Easy as pie! Just plug in your iBrary again, open the app, click iBrary on homescreen to access your files, select photo and click on the "move icon" found at the top right corner:

how to use ibrary

And all you need to do is pick out where you want your photo to be sent!

Back to the Cameral Roll, Flickr/Facebook, iMessage, etc.

how to transfer pics ibrary

The iBrary doesn't just work great with photos, videos and music, it also backs up all your contact with one click!

ibrary features

CONCLUSION: The iBrary is a must have for people who rely on their smartphones not just for communication but also for entertainment and documentation. Out of all the other smartphone accessories available in the market today, this one definitely belongs in the TOP 5 must-haves list!

SRP: P3995

Get yours today at all Beyond The Box and Digital Walker Boutiques nationwide.



Nheng said…
OMG I need this!
nhessie a. said…
bookmarking this! will definitely buy myself one when I get the budget! I so badly need this!!!
islesgilian said…
I have been waiting for this. =) I'll be searching for this one, hopefully it is available in my location. =)
Maan Laxa said…
Gah I need this! I only have a 16-gb iPhone and while I'm not actually running out of space, a backup storage device sounds awesome!
Nilyn EC Matugas said…
wow, this is so cool! I'm lucky I have a 64gb memory card on my phone, I bought one before.
Janice Lim said…
I don't use an iPhone but my two daughters do and they're always complaining about its limited memory. Good to know that there's something now that will solve their dilemma.
Melisa Centino Sanchez said…
Wow this is so cool, I don't use an iPhone though. But I will share this to my friend na meron.
liz said…
I am not an iphone user but this is a good product, I think. It's about time Apple releases some sort of external drive for mobile phones.
Vicki said…
I've seen a Unable to Take a Photo warning message too many times! Thanks for the tip Sarah!
Maria Teresa Figuerres said…
iPhone users will find this device really helpful. I'll recommend this to my friends. Thanks for the heads-up!
TweenselMom said…
Hindi sya mura ha! but if you are really after the capacity without having to buy a new iphone, pwede na!
Kaycee Enerva said…
Ang galing!!! Might consider using iPhone sometime in the near future and this one looks handy
I want this since I almost reached my memory. Thank you for sharing!
animetric said…
Nice! It's kinda like the Leef iBridge ba yun... dual ends din for easy transfer of data.
This looks like a must have for iPhone users. Too bad I own an android. 😔
jared's mum said…
This is a clever idea! I hope they'll come up with a similar version for android phones, I am in dire need of more storage on my phone.