Handcrafted shoes made for wandering feet. 

Since 1935, Sperry has been making shoes for the brave and adventurous. With their non-slip shoes and washable nubuck leather exterior, I can see why.

I haven't lived that long but growing up in the 80's, I remember how huge top-siders were. My uncle had quite a collection in different colors - from brown to green (my personal favorite) and all of us owned at least 1 pair.

That was also the height of "akyat-bahay" gangs and our house was one of many that were robbed during that decade. As luck would have it, my pair was being washed and let to hang dry that evening so it got stolen along with a bunch of laundry, tires and stereo systems of our cars. I don't remember what else of mine was taken aside from that shoe. It was off-white and I loved it. It made me feel like a grown up.

And I guess I never got over it.

I will always be in love with the classic boat shoe but I'm telling you, this brand has a way of pulling at your heartstrings by tapping perfect collaborations that will bring back an undeniable wave of sentiment and nostalgia.

So what else was just as huge as Sperry's during those days? JAWS. 

JAWS was everywhere and it was the favorite topic of conversation by top-sider clad teens and yuppies.


Sperry's + Ocean Dwelling + Great White Sharks. How much edgier can you get? It's that odd combination of design, fear and phobia that I find irresistibly chic and tempting.


The private launch was held this evening with a pool party/barbecue!


It was one of the "better thought-off" events I've been to in awhile.


I just wish I was better dressed for it so I could've enjoyed the food, drinks and ambiance more.
 I came from a meeting earlier and had no time to change so...turtleneck and loafers to a pool party. #fml


I was sweating like a pig 5 minutes in but I was still able to take snaps of the new collection as well as some modern takes on the old top-sider.

Instead of leather, there are canvas sneaker hybrids of the double hole classics:


Lots of water ready, lightweight sneakers...


And finally, my new favorite...

The Paul Sperry x JAWS collection:


Pick from prints inspired by the open sea...


Plain canvas sneakers with the iconic JAWS logo emblazoned on it:


And my personal favorite, slip-ons with a pic of the famous mechanical great white shark that gave me nightmares for decades.

(I still remember that scene on the ship vividly. Que Horror! Haha)


What I love most about these shoes is that they somehow inspire you to just take it easy, be brave and dive headfirst into any adventure.

So I'll leave you with one of my favorite quotes from their catalog:


Couldn't have said it better.

Check out the new collection at Sperry and Common Thread Boutiques nationwide.

FOR MORE INFO: Like @SperryPH on IG and Facebook
or visit: www.sperry.com.ph


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Ang bilis!! >_< Haha love Paul's "WHO ME???" photo!