August 11 - Uniqlo launches their new Jogger Pants collection for Fall Winter 2016 in collaboration with celebrity stylists Liz Uy and Rex Atienza.

Are you a fan of jogger pants? If you haven't tried the trend yet, you'll be clamoring for a pair by the end of this post...

WOW LANG, DIBA? (o´▽`o)

uniqlo joggers rockwell

Why the fuss over joggers?

Through the years, my style has evolved.  I no longer buy clothes just because they look good, they also have to function well and incorporate into my wardrobe effortlessly.

If you all follow me on Twitter of Facebook, you'll know that I unload clothes on a regular basis. I've been doing this for years and what have I learned? I hardly ever sell anything I buy from Uniqlo. In 5 years, I maybe have sold just one or two pieces and not because I've grown tired of it but because I got the wrong size.

These new joggers are no exception.

uniqlo jogger pants launch power plant

This Fall Winter 2016, Uniqlo has created 4 different Jogger Pants silhouettes for you to choose from:

  • Classic and Drape Joggers - sleek and yet also relaxed and comfortable, it drapes and tapers towards the hem for a slimming effect.
  • Ultra-stretch and Classic Joggers - features an elastic waist with ribbed cuffs with a sleek outline for a simple yet stylish look fit for the office.
  • Ponte Jogger Pants - made with soft ponte material, drawstring and fitted cuffs.
  • Milano Rib Jogger - soft textured fabric for a relaxed feel, perfect for traveling. 
 That's 4 new styles to choose from but from experience, I find that it's best to disregard descriptions. Don't put yourself in a box when you shop, the best way to do it is to just get in there and give everything a try. Sometimes even the ones made for men.

Different cuts and fabrics suit different body types and the only way to find out which one will be the most flattering on you is to try it on. If the first 2 or 3 fail the test, keep going. Trust me, you'll find something and love it for life. (hehe)

I ended up getting the "Dry Fit" ones. Although made for working out, they can easily be dressed up or down as well plus the fabric is soft so it doesn't add bulk to my generous hips.

I guess that's what hanging out with Liz Uy for an afternoon can do to you...

liz uy uniqlo jogger pants launch

After seeing the way Rex and Liz styled these mannequins with jogger pants, my mind opened up to even more possibilities.

Which is great because jogger pants are one of my most favorite travel companions. They're lightweight and extremely versatile. During our Japan trip a few months ago, I brought a pair with me which I ended wearing as pajamas and as "going out" pants to explore Kyoto.

Don't judge my no laundry. HEHE

uniqlo rex atienza jogger pantsuniqlo jogger pants launch powerplant mall
Towards the end of the event, Liz and Rex chose their favorite outfit from 2 audience members, one male, one female. Guess who Liz chose??? ME!!!! I felt so lucky! 

Getting chosen meant a one on one styling session with her...HELLO #STYLIZED! Plus I got to take home everything she picked for me.

You can check out videos from our stylish session on Liz Uy's Facebook Fanpage:

Thank you Liz for the many many layers! :P


Uniqlo's Fall/Winter 2016 Jogger Collection is now available at all UNIQLO stores nationwide!