Seafolly is where you shop for swimwear that makes you feel good about yourself.

My expectations were low as I headed to Grind, Up Town Center for the event. It was raining hard and I often end up disheartened whenever I shop for bathing suits...especially now that I haven't been working out for over a year, so I almost cancelled.

The only reason I went ahead was because a) it was partly work for Beach Born and b) we were given the impression that we were gonna be treated to a generous amount of gift certificates for  shopping.

seafolly philippines
beach born at grin up town center

When I got there, I skipped the goodies table and made a beeline for the swimsuit racks.

seafolly philippines
seafolly philippines shopping party
I didn't want to run out of my size...and I hate trying on swimwear after eating.

seafolly philippines
seafolly philippines

They only stock a couple of pieces per size.

seafolly philippines
seafolly philippines 2016 collection
Luckily, I was able to reserve several.

Plus points because they sell their bikinis by piece; in separates for real women!

Still, I was expecting maybe one or none to fit me properly...but what the hell, I was already there so might as well give them all a try.

seafolly philippines
seafolly gigi hadid philippines
Most of the styles I chose were in this cut; for coverage and support for my ample bosom (LOL, cry). And also out of frustration because I have been dying to get one in my size since I first took notice of the style about a year ago.

Usually, the problem was the band to cup proportions. The tops were small and the ones that provided enough coverage were in sizes too big with bands that are impossible to alter because of the style and stitching.

(I usually alter my bikini tops)

seafolly philippines
seafolly white cut out bikini

Same goes for one-piece suits, I am hardly ever able to find any because most are skimpy with no support or with support but granny-ish.

But looky here...

And this one I'm wearing is even a size too big but lo and behold, SUPPORT and COVERAGE!

Too bad they ran out of size 8's.

seafolly philippines
seafolly one piece philippines

Next up are a couple of the styles worn by Gigi Hadid for Seafolly. I'm no Gigi but for my standards, I was surprised at how good I looked in them and how forgiving they were on all my "soft areas".

Best yet? Even the neck straps are adjustable!

You just pull them down to lift them up.

seafolly philippines
seafolly blogger
Even skimpier ones like this offer enough support:

seafolly philippines
seafolly blog
And finally, the ones that made the cut!

seafolly philippines
bikini for petites with d cups
I was seriously supposed to buy them all but when we realized that we were only being given 50% off vouchers and NOT actual gift certificates, I had to narrow down my choices to 2 because a set costs around P8,000.

Normally, I would hand them back over to the sales clerk and pass but these fit me so well and it is close to impossible for me to find swimsuits that flatter so I went ahead and made my purchase.

That's also one of the reasons why I decided to still write about Seafolly despite not receiving any compensation for my efforts.

It's because I know how frustrating and depressing it can get.

seafolly philippines
bikini for petites with large bust size
So girls, if you've been having a difficult time finding swimsuits that fit well, it's time to save up your money and pay a visit to Seafolly.

Trust me, it's worth it. Price may be a bit daunting at first but once you try them on, you'll realize why.

It doesn't cut into your skin and yet it offers so much support that you can be active and not worry about things popping out! Haha

seafolly philippines
seafolly haul
If you want some 50% off coupons, I still have a lot, just dm me on IG @sarahtirona. They're valid 'til the end of the month. :)

Find Seafolly in the Philippines at all GRIND outlets.

Disclaimer: Not sponsored. It was an event but I paid for my own swimsuits.