Huge malls are entertaining but I only really patronize about 20% of it. The rest for me are just fillers. Pretty windows to look at while en route to my favorite boutiques.

POP by Retail Lab is nothing like that.

Instead, it brings together highly sought after homegrown indie labels in a very carefully curated 300 sqm space.

My only question? How come BEACH BORN isn't there? 

Haha. More after the jump.


First things first. Before heading to POP, make sure you've got a stash of cash. They don't accept credit cards.

There's a nearby BPI in case you forget.

Pop by Retail Lab is located in Power Plant Mall, near Beauty Bar, Y3 and Starbucks.


I used to think it was all just clothes and accessories but I was pleasantly surprised to find a wide variety of stuff to spend money on. 


Here are some of my favorites.


These mini cocktail kits by One for the Road allow you to "business class" even while stuck in "economy". 

#popbyretaillab #popbyretaillab

I love Annie and Lori.

Their designs, the shape, quality. Their shoes are ultra flattering on your feet. I've been wanting to buy a pair but they were only previously available online. I had no time to go to the bank and line up so when I saw them here...


I immediately snagged this pair I've been eyeing before they run out of my size again.


There's also these Fendi inspired Italian leather bags by M Studio which I find really affordable for the quality. Price range for a medium sized bag is around 4k only.

#popbyretaillab #popbyretaillab#popbyretaillab

Much to my delight, I also found lots of adorable knick knacks and trays for the home.

#popbyretaillab #popbyretaillab #popbyretaillab #popbyretaillab

They even have air plants, succulents + not your run off the mill children's clothes.

#popbyretaillab #popbyretaillab

And no shortage of craft supplies. One of my favorites, stickers and patches from Cool Girls Club. I think Hey Kessy also has a booth here.

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cool girls club at pop retail lab

They even have food! L.E.S. Bagels (yum) and Bahn Mi Kitchen!


For all things cool and current, make sure to drop by Pop by Retail Lab. Especially this Christmas season. I promise it'll make your shopping simpler and 10x quicker.

There seriously is something for everyone wether your budget is just P100 or over P1000.

Premium and fun.

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