Outdoor Products Gets a Kawaii Makoever for its 35th Anniversary Collab with Bandai Namco's most popular character, PacMan!

outdoor products x pacma

The new bags were launched during a super fun retro-themed party at A Space yesterday complete with arcade machines, pizza and cookies that resembled Blinky, Pinky, Inky and Clyde...

Yup, they're those adorable ghost like characters dressed in red, pink, orange and blue who try to stop PacMan from chowing down all those dots!

I grew up playing PacMan and watching PacMan cartoons....hello Mrs. Pacman!

IMG_3114 copy

Finding myself surrounded by all sorts of 80s and 90s memorabilia triggered an intoxicating wave of nostalgia! It reminded me of countless afternoons spent eating junk food, playing video games with family and friends first on the Atari, which was replaced by the Family Computer, then the Super NES, then the SEGA Genesis, etc. Just all happy memories brought on by the sight of a single bag. LOL

It made me miss those days when being able to score a bag of Doritos was considered a luxury.

PACMAN is so close to my heart and having something close by to remind me of all those happy memories is hard to resist.

outdoor products collaboration with bandai namco
Especially when they look this good!

Material: polyester, polyurethane, polypropylene

pacman backpack

I personally love the Day Bag which comes with an attached fold out rain cover and a "post power" design graphic which shows the enemy guys in blue pursuing PacMan!

outdoor x pacman
The size is just right to carry my camera and all the other essentials I need during long days on the road.

If you prefer a smaller bag, they've got several options for those too:

outdoor pacman

Check out the new collection at all BRATPACK STORES nationwide!

Before I go, did you know that PacMan was first called Puck Man? They later to changed it to PacMan to avoid vandals from changing the P to F! LOL