You’ve probably already been to Baler but have you gone beyond Sabang Beach to explore the other side of this popular surfer’s paradise?

baler travel guide

There’s lots of interesting places to explore and other things to do here besides surfing. And if you’re worried about accommodations, don’t be. Whether you’re looking for a budget hostel or 5 star amenities, Baler has many accommodation options to offer that will fit right into your budget. For affordable deals, try to book a room in advance through online booking sites like Traveloka. Aside from a wide selection of hotels and flights, this website offers promos for the budget traveler.

baler travel guide
Baler is accessible by private vehicle or bus that you can easily book via iwantseats.com.ph. One-way fare costs around Php700 and the entire trip takes about 6 hours. Although I still prefer taking my own car --- just because I enjoy driving myself around the capital; I’ve got to say that traveling via Joy Bus isn’t bad at all, it’s safe, clean and very comfortable. If I had no other choice, I wouldn’t think twice about taking the bus again.

It’s one of the easiest surf spots to travel to in the Philippines which is probably why it’s such a popular destination for tourists all year round. If you’re looking to experience new places, activities and food in Baler, check out these nearby destinations in Aurora:

1. Ermita Hill 

baler travel guide
ermita hill

– for picturesque views of the coastal town. It is also where locals fled for safety during the December 27, 1735 tsunami that engulfed the entire Old Town Baler in sea water. Fees: FREE

baler travel guide
view from ermita hill baler

2. Ditumabo Mother Falls 

baler travel guide
ditumabo mother falls
– the largest waterfall that you can hike to in Baler. There’s an even grander one which the natives call “father falls” but so far, there aren’t any safe trails available for tourists yet. Not saying the hike to mother falls is easy. The trails are quite slippery and perilous. Prepare to cross a raging river with only a few sticks of bamboo and rope to support you. Make sure to visit early in the day during clear weather. I also highly advise you to store your belongings in a dry bag and wear waterproof hiking shoes. Some hard lessons learned from experience. Fees: Less than P100

baler travel guide
mother falls baler

3. Quezon Memorial Park/Baler Museum

baler travel guide
baler museum
– rich with display and artifacts that are significant to the town’s history. They have relics dating back to the galleon trade and Spanish conquistadors. Fees: P30

4. Baler Millennium Tree

baler travel guide
baler millenium tree
    – a huge Balete tree that is believed to be between 400-600 years old and takes about 60 adults to totally encircle get their arms around it. It’s so big you can even explore “mini rooms” within the tree. Fees: minimal donation

baler travel guide
giant balete tree baler

5. Diguisit Rock Formations and Beach

baler travel guide
diguisit rock formations
– a MUST visit. Of all, this one takes the cake. It’s a unique and quiet beach with creamy white sand. Situated away from the crowd, it’s a great place to catch the sunrise/sunset. The view getting here is breathtaking, make sure to stop for some photos. There’s also nearby sari-sari stores for refreshments.

baler travel guide
diguisit beach baler

6. Baler Hanging Bridge

baler travel guide
baler hanging bridge
  – It’s a fun place to visit with friends/family and takes less than an hour to complete. The bridge is a bit shaky which adds to the fun. Grab some popsicles from nearby vendors before leaving to stave off the heat.

7. DoÑa Aurora House

baler travel guide
doña aurora house
  – Take a peek inside the humble home of Manuel L. Quezon and Doña Aurora, the first president and first lady of the Republic of the Philippines.

baler travel guide
manuel quezon car

8. Baler Sign

baler travel guide
baler sign
  – located a stone’s throw away from Doña Aurora’s house, might as well make a quick stop for a photo op at this iconic sign located at the town’s center.

9. Groundswell Café

baler travel guide
groundswell coffee
  – this third wave café at Charlie Does serves the best coffee and pastries in Baler. Must try their chocolate chip cookies and coconut cream cake.

baler travel guide
best coffee shop baler

10. Baler Surfer Grill

baler travel guide
baler surfer grill
  – Serves delicious grilled platters with generous servings for only Php200. It’s also a great place to have drinks with friends after a long day of surfing. Note: they close early as most establishments here. Around 11pm.

baler travel guide
tricycle travel guide baler
If you visit via bus, you can easily hire a trike beside Groundswell Cafe to take you to most of these places. If I remember right, it costs around Php600/day.

Have you been to any of these places yet? Which one’s your favorite?

Thanks for reading, hope you found this itinerary useful!



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