sony a6300 selfie screen diy

Before Black Friday, there was the Lazada Online Revolution Sale. I had a couple of things in my cart for several days and I waited 'til Sale day to check out so I could save a few bucks. Haha.

Anyway, here's what I bought and why.

What I love most about shopping at Lazada is how painless and convenient it is for me to purchase things that are otherwise pretty difficult to find at malls.

It's the only place I know that carries the oddest little objects in their inventory that only cater to a niche market.

I'm speaking parts and pieces.

I love how Lazada gives me access to China's wholesale/retail market without me having to worry about exorbitant taxes and shipping costs.

#lazadaforall haul
sony a6300 selfie screen

I got me a super fast memory card and a hot shoe smartphone adaptor.

Remember when I upgraded to a SONY a6300?

I super love this camera and I still have no regrets about choosing it over the a5100. But I was still bothered by it not having a built in selfie screen!

So what do we do when frustrated? A DIY!

sony a6300 diy selfie screen

Here's How To DIY A Selfie Screen for your SONY a6300

sony a6300 selfie screen diy
sony a6300 selfie screen

What you'll need:

  • a hot shoe adaptor (about Php200 at Lazada)
  • a mobile phone holder (Lazada sells these too but I got mine from an old tripod)
  • Sony Play Memories Smart Remote Control app (free)

sony a6300 selfie screen diy
how to create a selfie screen for sony a 6300


STEP 1: Assemble the hot shoe adaptor to smartphone holder.
STEP 2: Slip into your camera's hot shoe slot.
STEP 3: Connect your phone to your camera via wifi
STEP 4: Open the Smart Remote Control app.

That's it! Connecting your phone via the Smart Remote Control app also allows you touchscreen access to your camera's different settings including focus! How cool is that?!

sony a6300 selfie screen diy
why you should get the a6300 vs a5100
Hope you enjoyed this DIY!


lee rosales said…
Nice diy!