Toilets over lunch. Why not? LOL. To tell you the truth, I kinda enjoyed it...

you might find it interesting too especially after reading these facts...

Domex World Toilet Day
Last week, I sat down with a few other mom bloggers to discuss toilets --- To my surprise, it turned out to be much much more interesting than I expected.

We clean, we wipe, we rinse. No one enjoys that. You think after all that sweat and hard labour, your toilets are clean?!

HA! Think again. To add insult to injury, shiny shimmering sparkling white tiles don't necessarily equate to 100% bacteria-free.

Just try running a quick black light test in your bathroom...

Don't worry, it's not you, it's the bleach you use.

I was equally horrified as well when I was first shown what was hidden in plain sight. Thankfully the answer is simple: THICK BLEACH vs. THIN BLEACH.

Domex World Toilet Day
domex #1mcleantoilets

DOMEX is 5x thicker than laundry bleach, with triple action, it cleans kills a wide range of germs such as fungi, bacteria and viruses and has the power to stay on surfaces 3x longer than regular bleach.

Domex World Toilet Day
domex philippines

And because it's so efficient as a specialized cleaner, it does most of the work for you which means less elbow grease.

Check out the tile below:

Domex World Toilet Day
Those streaks on the left were created by pouring thin bleach on soiled tile while the thicker white streaks are from pouring DOMEX over it. It doesn't need a genius to see the difference.

In fact what I liked most about what I learned during the event is that DOMEX can last for up to 7 flushes as compared to just 2 flushes with ordinary bleach. That means it's so potent that even the back-end and pipes of your toilet are cleaned as you flush away with water.

Domex World Toilet Day
domex #1mcleantoilets
Stop the spread of germs and bacteria by practicing proper sanitation at home! 

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