So we’ve finally completed our Kimy Cool Reward chart! Yay!

kimy cool reward chart
Have you? What was your experience like? 

You know what? It wasn’t just great for my daughter, it was fun for me too.  Instead of bonding over movies, shopping and all the other stuff we used to do together during our free time, we did it over chores instead! Efficient right? LOL

Kidding aside, we both ended up enjoying it more. Maybe it’s the “sense of accomplishment” we feel when we finish important tasks or it could also be the games we incorporated into our tasks.

kimy cool reward chart
kimy cool reward chart
When was the last time you ran with your child? We use Swiffers at home instead of brooms so the dust doesn’t go flying around the house. Instead of just walking around with them, we would race across the room or sometimes pretend they were Nimbus 2000’s from the Harry Potter books. That took a bit longer but at least we enjoyed every minute of it.

kimy cool reward chart
Another game we enjoyed playing while folding clothes was to count how many we were done with at the same time which created lots of confusion and tons of giggles. When we got our numbers wrong, we’d have to fold an extra number of shirts. Can you guess who got it wrong most of the time?

These little games of ours might have cost us a few more minutes but we didn’t mind since we were having fun anyway. It stopped feeling like work and it was nice to have a snack to look forward to afterwards.

We both enjoy having ice cold Kimy Popsicles after working around the house in this warm weather. I find them even more refreshing because they’re not at all too sweet.

kimy cool reward chart
kimy cool reward chart
Nikola’s favorite is Choco Popstar which is a 3-layer popsicle with a hard shell, popping candies and a creamy milk chocolate flavor.

Mine’s the Jelly Tongue, which I kid you not, almost feels like biting into real fruit! Seriously. I love it. It has this tangy flavor and a gelatin interior which reminds me of strawberries and kiwi.
Not saying that Krazy Banana isn’t as delicious. I think it’s actually the easiest to fall in love with. The flavor is balanced- not too sweet, with vanilla ice cream inside. Even cooler? You can “peel off” the exterior and eat it like a banana! We like having it in between our favorites to mix things up a bit.

 How about you mommy? What are your favorite Kimy flavors? :)