I'm a low maintenance chick so you'll hardly see me doing much beauty reviews. I have my preferred brands and those are usually what you'll see here.

One of them is Laneige and the new Milkyway Fantasy set is fast becoming a favorite of a non-makeup expert like me.

LaneigeMilkyway Fantasay
laneige milkyway unboxing

How much time do you allot for make-up?

Me? On a daily basis? Less than 5 minutes. It's just BB Cushion, Eyebrows, Blush and Lipgloss/Lipstick.

Not saying I'm fully satisfied with the results of those. I'd like to up my daily make-up game but I'm too lazy BUT I think these Two Tone Eyeshadow Bars are just what girls like us need.

laneige milky way fantasy
laneige milkyway fantasy review

The Two Tone Lipstick is pretty cool too, helps you achieve that "ombre" look with no effort at all.

Check swatches below:

Both on left are the lipsticks while the ones on the right are the eyeshadows. The colors are perfect for asian complexions. Brings out the sparkle in hooded eyes.

laneige milky way fantasy
laneige two tone eyeshadow and lipstick bar swatches


These are super easy to apply, just swipe on and clean up excess. I also love the creamy, hydrating texture that's super easy to blend. Check out the quick video below to see how it's done.


Great. Long-wearing as you can you see in photo below, there's still some color left even after scrubbing with soap and a silicone sponge.

laneige milky way fantasy
laneige two tone lipstick bar review


Can say nothing bad about this. I've been using it for a year and I swear by it. It's gentle, lightweight and non-greasy and yet it does a fabulous job of hydrating (my super dry and sensitive skin) while I sleep. Gets rid of dull complexion and didn't cause any breakouts at all. (Also try their overnight lip therapy, awesome stuff.)

laneige milky way fantasy
laneige bb cushion review


Where do I even begin? I go through these like toothpaste (LOL). I know there are women out there who aren't fans of BB cushions but for someone like me who prefers the natural "no make-up" look, these are just PERFECT.

I love how they just disappear and blend perfectly with the skin but leave you with a brighter, dewy and more flawless complexion. 

The only downside is that it doesn't conceal the same way foundations do but I cannot stand the feel of foundation on my skin, especially on a daily basis.

Also, I think it's better to take extra care of your skin instead so you don't need to conceal as much. 

Just use your favorite concealer and bake along with these BB cushions and you'll be just fine.

Watch the vid for extra info and if you have further questions, feel free to drop me a line anytime!

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