During our recent home renovation, I got carried away and focused mostly on design which might have made me overlook something I now realize to be even more important....

Well-being + comfort.

Our entire renovation budget was allotted for construction and new furniture but we forgot to set aside money for modern fittings that will make us want to enjoy, USE and appreciate our new home more.

the new carrier slimpac series
new carrier slimpac series

This I realized at a talk during the launch of Carrier's new Slimpac Series.

the new carrier slimpac series
carrier slimpac series launch
Our new place is pretty but it's almost impossible to invite friends over or hang out in our living room during the summer months because it can get extremely hot.

There used to be 2 air conditioning units in our living area before but when they melted due to a fire at our neighbors place, we decided not to reinstall new ones because of electricity cost.

We didn't bother to research.

Turns out, the new ones consume a mere fraction of what they used to and also feature more efficient cooling systems.

the new carrier slimpac series

The new Slimpac series are half the size of the old stand up units and sport a minimal design that blends well with neutral wall colors. If your house sports darker shades, don't worry, I hear they're coming out with black variants soon!

the new carrier slimpac series

Meet the Carrier Klarwind

Its sleek and sexy with a 340mm waist and an innovative 270 degree swivel head that provides more cooling reach - up to 20 meters if im not mistaken.

Aside from that, it also features a 3 step anti-bacterial, electrostatic and carbon filter.

Comes in 2.5HP with a high energy efficiency ratio (EER) of 18.0 as compared to 10.8 of other leading brands.


  • Dry Function - dehumidifies while providing moderate cooling
  • Auto Swing Mode - distributes air evenly
  • On/Off Timer
  • Full Aluminum Condenser - Improves heat transfer and thermal performance
  • Cools room quickly
  • Inverter
  • Power Saving Eco - saves energy by operating at 25-30C temperature limit
  • Requires less maintenance than h wall split type air conditioner

the new carrier slimpac series
carrier klarwind

For larger areas, check out the X Power 2

It has the same features as the Klarwind but with 3HP backing it up. It has the ability to cool a room in 2 minutes (great for business establishments) and has an energy efficiency ratio of 17.7 as compared to 10.8 of other brands with the same horsepower.

the new carrier slimpac series
carrier xpower2

Here's a quick vid of the Klarwind in action:

Before the summer months rush in, find out which unit is best suitable for your place by placing a free appraisal appointment with Carrier Philippines. Call their customer care hotline at 863-5555 or visit for more info.

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