Slogan tees are huge this Spring/Summer 2017. Seems every designer had their own unique take on it.

From Paco Rabanne to Haider Ackermann --- everyone had something to say!

As strong, independent and creative women, so do we!

Here's how you can express yourself in style with this quick and easy DIY tutorial.

Step by step after the jump!

diy designer embroidered t shirt
diy embroidered shirt


Where to get nice fitting white t-shirts? I like Uniqlo and these cheap cotton Jockey t shirts from SNR which only cost about P200+. Tip: get one size bigger.

diy designer embroidered t shirt
diy slogan shirt
STEP 1 - Think of a slogan/statement. Could be anything. Just remember, longer and larger takes up more time. I choose lyrics from one of my favorite songs by The Smiths. Here's some suggestions:

  • Add instant class with monograms. Your initials. or you're S.O.'s
  • Favorite movie/line from a movie/lyrics
  • Political statement
  • Single words like: nope, chic, meow...I also like hello, my name is... and donut talk to me. haha
  • or you can even do simple shapes like hearts, stars an arrow, etc!
STEP 2 - Pencil it in

STEP 3 - Fit your shirt to double check size and placement. Adjust til you're satisfied.

STEP 4 - Time to sew! You can use whatever stitch you're comfortable with. I suggest backstitch or running stitch depending on the final look you want to achieve.

diy designer embroidered t shirt
diy statement tee


  • don't pull too tight, it might cause fabric to pucker.
  • stretch fabric a bit along the way.
  • maybe you can use an embroidery ring to make things easier
  • maybe you can also put some paper behind the cloth that you can tear away after you're done sewing.
diy designer embroidered t shirt
diy embroidered shirt
The thing I love most about this DIY is how versatile it is! Apply to the hem of your jeans, jacket pocket etc!

Hope you like! Feel free to drop me a message with your comments/questions etc. More fashion DIY's coming up soon!


krissy said…
Pagawa pls. Haha!
ava te-zabat said…
ang ganda! :) I'm planning to do embroidery on sneakers naman hehe
sarah tirona said…
cutieee, what you planning to put? i wanna monogram everything. hahaha pero jeans muna siguro with initials :)
sarah tirona said…
hahahaha kaya mo yan girl! what you plan to put? :)