Nowadays, you don't need to invest in an expensive camera for great photos. Our smartphones are very much capable of producing high quality, ig-worthy pics.

Except in low light.

Which often is the problem since we spend most of our time indoors, at malls, restaurants, concerts, events, etc.

That's where the new Lumee Duo Case comes in.

It's nothing like flash, it's so much better.

 Review + sample pics after the jump!

lumee duo case review
lumee duo case review
Unlike the old Lumee which only came with a front light, the new Lumee Duo case comes with both front and back lights.

lumee duo case review
lumee duo case review

Why the emphasis on light?

Well lit pictures look better because your camera is able to record more detail thus resulting in photos that look cleaner, brighter, sharper, with accurate colors and more professional looking.

lumee duo case review
lumee duo case review and sample pics

Why not use my built-in flash?

Too much light is just as bad as too little light. The built in flash is often too direct and harsh which results in "burned edges" and an unflattering over-all tone.

lumee duo case review
lumee duo case review

Softer, evenly distributed and more flattering light with Lumee DUO

Instead of coming from a single direct source like your built-in flash, the Lumee distributes light around your phone which provides a softer and more pleasant appeal to your photos. Think of it as portable (and way cheaper) professional lighting/natural light that fits in your pocket!

Also love how you can adjust the brightness depending on your needs simply by pressing on the button longer.


  • The obvious - doubles as a bright flashlight (hehe)
  • It isn't just awesome for selfies, it's also great for applying make-up at home and on the go
  • The lumee case is built like a tank and also provides your phone with maximum drop protection
  • Are you in a long distance relationship? Travel often? Look cuter when you Facetime with Lumee. Serious :P

lumee duo case review
lumee duo iphone 7 srp ph


Without Lumee, my iPhone camera has a difficult time capturing the true color of the wood.

lumee duo sample photos
lumee duo sample pics
lumee duo sample photos
lumee duo sample pics before and after
ps. sorry went a little overboard with the editing here (but it looks cute on ig. hehe)

IMG_8339 copy
lumee duo review
Without Lumee, the chips look dull and unappetizing.

lumee duo sample photos
lumee duo iphone sample pics
Even with zero editing, it already looks 100% more appetizing with just a little light provided by my Lumee Duo. So much detail is preserved, colors also appear more vibrant and true to life.

lumee duo sample photos
lumee duo review sample pics
lumee duo sample photos
lumee duo review sample pics


I'm not so much a selfie person but I've tried it. Let me tell you, once you take a selfie with a Lumee, you'll never take another one any other way. The soft light makes you look so much younger + more flawless. No unsightly shadows that add 10 years to your age. It also camouflages skin discoloration and minor imperfections too.

Maybe I'll edit this post with a few selfie pics once I get around to shooting me.

Also, it's THE only way you can take decent wefies during dark concerts, festivals, clubs etc.

Wether you're into selfies, wefies, flatlays, beauty, food photography, etc, I guarantee, you'll find the Lumee Duo super useful and worth your money.

Check it out at all Beyond The Box branches nationwide.
Price starts at around 3k.

will add more sample pics soon or you can also check out my instagram for more pics (@sarahtirona)


You had me at "you look cuter when you facetime with lumee" :) I'll definitely keep them in mind when I change my case.
krissy said…
Can't wait to see your selfies!! <3
sarah tirona said…
hahahaha, diba? pero lakas talaga maka fresh! :)
sarah tirona said…
im so shyyyyy. hahaha shucks