I still dress up. Just haven't been in the mood to "shoot" properly because.

Because I feel slightly embarrassed all of a sudden to pose in public. Also, no willing photographer. Haha, especially now that I hardly attend events anymore which makes it even more difficult to document my outfits.

I also prefer being BEHIND the camera.

After 8/9 years of doing this, I'm still uncomfortable posing in front of a camera. Hahaha. Sorry na.

but ps. I do often take mirror selfies of what I wear in instastories (@sarahtirona).

gucci princetown slingback outfit
zara graffiti jacket outfit

But after being included in this list recently by Preview, I feel it unfair to not share my outfits again at least once in awhile.

So hi tripod.

I just shot myself in our bedroom before going out so the lighting is super bad. Will try to go back to the fire escape outside or maybe shoot in our sunroom again soon. Just need to move some furniture.

gucci princetown slingback outfit
gucci princetown loafers outfit
Anyway, here's my outfit. :P

gucci princetown slingback outfit
sarah tirona
Also planning to start making my own clothes again like before because I suddenly find retail and fast fashion super boring lately. (I think it's also turning me lazy and uninspired)

Already ordered a new motor for my sewing machine, having it repaired within the next few days so hopefully, I'll be able to share a couple new fashion DIY posts soon.

gucci princetown slingback outfit
gucci princetown outfit
So, how's life? Have your priorities changed as well? Am I going through a quarter life crisis? LOL

zara graffiti denim jacket
zara graffiti denim jacket

OUTFIT DETAILS: ZARA Jacket and Inner shirt | Topshop Jeans | Celine Nano Bag | Gucci Princetown Slingback Loafers | F21 Diamond Choker


sephcham said…
Haha! I'm also going through a quarter life crisis. 💁🏻‍♂️
sarah tirona said…
ano na? hahaha ano gawin natin? ps. paano mag emoji here?
vanessa east said…
matanda na ba tayo? hindi na ba tayo kewl (do kids these days still use that word ba?)?