After going on and on and on about lighting in this post, I suddenly feel ashamed to share pics that look like these. hehe

I mentioned in a previous post that I'd venture back out to our fire escape and/or sun room but easier said than done. Turns out, our neighbors help has discovered that area as well and have been hogging it lately for ootd's. Serious. Kid you not. Need to figure out their IG handle :P

So anyway, back to the bedroom for now. 2 outfits in a week. What an accomplishment (for me.)

ripped jeans + gucci
gg supreme monogram shoulder bag
I remember when I started blogging outfits about x years ago.(..hmm nevermind, let's not go there), it was mostly about wearing the latest trends no matter how impractical some of them were...hello, rings for days, stacks and stacks of bangles, 7 inch heels (which I still own and can't seem to part with), etc, etc, etc. Seems so long ago.

Lately well not lately, maybe the past couple of years. Or when normcore started. Yes, let's all blame it on normcore.

It turned into practicability.

Is that even a word?

ripped jeans + gucci
gucci loafers outfit

Which for me translates as boring.

ripped jeans + gucci
promod blogger philippines
And that is why I am so thankful for designers such as Alessandro Michelle for being able to marry practical and whimsy so seamlessly and effortlessly.

I   A M  S U C H  A  H U G E   F A N

Monsieur Alessandro. Just putting it out there.

ripped jeans + gucci
gucci gg supreme shoulder bag outfit
Also, it's extremely difficult to work efficiently in towering heels and such.

Kudos to those who can. But personally my back suffers.

I have a chiro appointment later actually.

ripped jeans + gucci
gucci loafers outfit
My first time. Would you like me to write about it?

D O  Y O U  N E E D  T O  S E E  O N E  T O O?

It's nice how we're all growing old together. L O L.

ripped jeans + gucci
gucci peyton loafers outfit
I almost forgot. Lighting. Haha, anyone have any experience with lighting? It's super dark in our bedroom (not much natural light) so I'm thinking of buying some lights. But I don't know where to begin. 

 OUTFIT DETAILS: Promod Top, Topshop Pants, GG Supreme Shoulder Bag

T H A N K S  F O R  S T O P P I N G  B Y!


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love you.