It is common knowledge that UK weather is extremely unpredictable. But even so, spring season is one of the four seasons that everyone looks forward to as this season marks the transition from winters to summers. Not only is it warm and dry, but it also has temperatures which are perfect for exploring this beautiful country.  The amount of sunshine received by the country increases in spring season which is attractive as people can complete more work during daytime thanks to British Summer Time. In the midst of all this, how can this fashion haven not have changing trends for this beautiful season?  When we speak of fashion, people generally think of clothes but one important accessory that gets neglected is shoes. Your shoes can change your entire look and make even the most simplest of outfits look stylish if teamed with the perfect shoes. While winter wear included wellingtons and snow boots, let’s see the must haves for spring:

1. Wedges

According to a post on Daily Mail, tall women are considered to be more confident and assertive and as British women are some of the shortest women in Europe, they tend to prefer wearing higher heels so as to look equally tall. After all, appearances do make a lot of difference. The best type of heels to wear is wedges as they are stable and support your arch. Women in UK love wearing boots and you can find a variety of collection in wedge boots. Teaming wedges with stylish jackets and jeans makes for a stylish weekend garb and can be worn on your exploration trips.

2. Court shoes

Court shoes are a good choice as they can be worn as formal wear as well as informal wear. It goes well with evening dresses, pencil skirts or anything else that you might want to wear. The heels come in various types and unless you are very comfortable wearing kitten heels, it is advisable to go for block heels or stilettos. Lacy dress and nude court shoe is a combination that you will not regret after trying.


Not everyone is a fan of heels. And neither is heeled shoes made for every occasion. So what do you do? You obviously go to your beloved flats. Flats come in various designs but my personal favorites are ballerinas or bellies as we call them. Other interesting flat shoe choices include flip-flops, ankle boots and loafers. While you are obviously spoilt for choices, the gorgeous collections that are available in the market might lead you to spend every penny that you own as they are irresistible. Couple these shoes with jeans and you are good to go.

4. Slider

Sliders fall in the category of comfort shoes. You can be in and out of your sliders within seconds. It is the perfect shoe for you if you are someone who doesn’t like to go through the hassle of tying or buckling up the shoes. It is also the perfect shoe if you have to run errands or just go the vicinity to pick something up. Available in various designs, they can make even the most ordinary outfit look gorgeous.

5. Mule shoes

This season, mule sandals are a must in your wardrobe. Mule sandals can give you a classy look while at the same time is extremely convenient and easy to use. They can be classified as a combination of wedges and sliders with platform heels which are just comfortable. You can wear them with jeans for daily wear or with summer dresses for party wear.

Shoes add charm to your personality. The famous novelist, Agatha Christie, in her work, Poirot’s Early Cases, has a chapter known as ‘The Veiled Lady’.  In this chapter, she mentions that in England, a lady can be seen wearing shabby clothes but is always beautifully shod. Thus, you can understand the importance of good footwear in English culture. 
One factor that is of paramount importance for purchasing of footwear is the price. People tend to buy poor quality shoes as they are priced low but these shoes don’t last long and might even end up harming your body. Good quality shoes are expensive, and you may think it is not a good investment especially if you are on a shoestring budget. But these good quality shoes last for years if well-cared for and are designed scientifically, keeping in mind what is beneficial for your body. So when you see the trade-off, it is actually a better investment. Agreed that good shoes are costly, you can still use the discounts that a majority of coupon sites and stores offer to purchase shoes at cheaper rates. Wallis.co.uk offers all the above mentioned shoes in various sizes and designs at discounted prices. Grab these shoes and rock your outfits. After all this is the season to show-off your pretty footwear.